Our 2017 Calendar : November 4th - Stevens Fire Hall, Stevens, PA
December 30th - Reverb, Reading, PA

Atomic Championship Wrestling Roster

ACW Heavyweight Champion
Breaux Keller

ACW Tri-State Champion
"The Punishing Paisan" Jason Gotti

ACW Cruiserweight Champion

"The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd

ACW Tag Team Champions
BLK OUT (Ruckus & Robbie Illuminati)

Rogue Dark Phase Champion
Pink Flash Kira


"The Jersey State Giant"
Adam Anthrax
East Rutherford, NJ
6'1 - 330 lbs

Bobby Kruger
Las Vegas, NV
5'8 - 285 lbs

"Party Animal"
Brian Keisel
Party City, USA
5'11 - 229 lbs

Breaux Keller
The Frat House
6'1 - 190 lbs

Lancaster, PA
6'0 - 205 lbs

"The Punishing Paisan"
Jason Gotti
South Philly, PA
6'0 - 295 lbs

Jon Dahmer
Westville, NJ
6'1 - 238 lbs

"The One Man Armageddon"
The Mad Butcher Kanazawa
369 lbs

Malcolm King

Mr. Ping
Tokyo, Japan
5'11 - 260 lbs

"The Human Cyborg"
Oxx Hogg
Atlantic City, NJ
6'3 - 297 lbs

Pretty Fly
Reading, PA
5'8 - 140 lbs

Prince Piranha
The Amazon
400 kilos

"The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd
Ephrata, PA
6'1 - 215 lbs

Rob Noxious
Straight out your momma's
bed room!
5'9 - 260 lbs

"Mr. 7 Millions" Robbie Illuminati
Philadelphia, PA
5'10 - 199 lbs

Rockin’ Rebel
Anywhere he damn well pleases!
1000 lbs including his ego

Chocolate City
5'8 - 235 lbs

Scotty Jeffreys
City Of Champions Pittsburgh 225 lbs

Stefon Ramon
Part of the big guys from
the waist down!
5'7 - 190 lbs

"The Devil's Outlaw" Stockade
Monroe, LA
5'10 - 285 lbs

"The White Lion" Twisted Tate
Denver, PA
6'1 - 260 lbs




Personalities and Officials


Manager (Rebecca Payne)

Carolina Jim

Wayne Horn

Aubrey Rose

Dawn Gundrum & Amy Hoover
Our incredible hosts




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Latest DVD Available
Here Comes Revenge 2017



Stevens Fire Company Hall

We are proud to team up with the Stevens Fire Company Hall to bring the fans great wrestling action throughout the year!

91 Stevens Rd, Stevens, PA 17578



We also partner with Reading, PA's premier
live entertainment venue, Reverb!
1402 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19604





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