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ACW Sweet 16
Saturday May 14th 2016

$20.00 (+$2.00 PayPal fees)

ACW Sweet 16
Saturday May 14th 2016
Adult General Admission
$15.00 (+$2.00 PayPal fees)

ACW Sweet 16
Saturday May 14th 2016
GEN ADM. Child 5 to 10
$5.00 (+$2.00 PayPal fees)

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04/27/16 - Last Rogue Match Announced and Lance Anoaʻi Debuts and G-Raver is Back!!!

On May 14th, Savannah Evans will take on the "Striker" Stefany Sinclair. The size advantage definitely goes to Evans but Sinclair has been known to be a vicious competitor.

Will the Striker be victorious in her first match on US soil or will the beautiful and talented lady from North Carolina by way of Reno, Nevada leave Stevens with a victory?

A Big Debut and a Return!

ACW is proud to welcome Samoan American sensation Lance Anoaʻi in its ranks on May 14th!! Trained by his father Samula and his grandfather Afa, Lance is the latest prodigy from the famous Anoaʻi family. Witness the incredible talent and passion of this young man as he will prove you that wrestling runs in his family’s blood.

G-Raver is finally coming out of the darkness and will step in a wrestling ring once again on May 14th. His battleground of choice is Atomic Championship Wrestling and he vows to restore chaos in the Stevens Fire Hall. Who will be his pray? You will know very soon….


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