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All Rogue Women Warriors matches from ACW
Sweet 17 that took place in Stevens, PA on
May 20th 2017 are now available for downloads!

Here are the matches you can choose from:

- LuFisto Vs Jazz

- Rogue Dark Phase Championship Match
Sally (c) Vs Pink Flash Kira

- Angie Skye Vs Stefany Sinclair

- Rebecca Payne Vs Tess Valentine

All matches are available for purchase here:

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Rogue Women Warriors
The Women’s Division of Atomic Championship Wrestling

People talk about the “Diva Revolution” like it is something new and never seen before but that couldn’t be more far from the truth. The revolution started years ago.

It is with the sweat, tears and blood of the women on the Independent Circuit that women wrestling became what it is today. The big promotions are only capitalising now on something that has been happening for years, which of course, is not a bad thing as finally, women wrestlers are giving a much deserved respect and recognition for their hard work on the grand stage.Of course, the women of the Independent circuit are still going strong, probably stronger than ever.

As there are still some unfortunate souls who see women wrestlers as inferior competitors, these women are the rare fiends that complement a traditional wrestling card and vagabonds who travel from one town to another to live their dreams, with or without recognition. These rogues work harder every time they step in the ring to be seen as equal competitors, even better competitors.

Women’s wrestling of today is much more than fitting a certain mold. More than ever, it’s about proving people that women are indeed strong competitors, honoring the pioneers and sharing the passion with the fans and doubters. Whether we are talking about season veterans or hungry newcomers, Rogue Women Warriors welcomes all female competitors to step in its ring.

Atomic Championship Wrestling proudly offers these deserving women warriors another home for them to share their talent and passion with the world by producing high quality female wrestling matches featuring the innovators of this revolution: The hard working women wrestlers of the independent circuit.

Atomic Championship Wrestling is ROGUE.


June 14th 2017

Championship Match Announced Plus the Debuts of Willow Nightingale and Hellen Vale on July 15th!

ACW Returns to Stevens, PA on July 15th to present “Summer Meltdown. Rogue Women Warriors is also proud to welcome two new wrestlers in Willow Nightingale and Hellen Vale. Residing in Franklin Square, New York, Nightingale describes herself as the “Babe with the power, big hair and bigger smile”! As for Vale, she is known as the “Wickedest Witch of New England!”

"The Child of the Damned" Sally (c) w/ Gilette Vs Pink Flash Kira w/ ???

Two months ago, Pink Flash Kira came really close to get her hands on Sally’s precious Rogue Dark Phase Championship. After reviewing the footage and noticing that Sally had used her mist to blind Kira, Commissioner Sweigart has decided to grant Rogue’s Favorite Super Hero a rematch. This time however, it seems the “Child of the Damned” has now found her Mistress of the Dark in Gilette who got involved in her match against Tess Valentine at Chaotic Behavior. Gilette even placed roses on top of Valentine’s body as she was still lying in the middle of the ring after her devastating loss. Having heard about Sally’s new alliance with Gilette, it seems that Pink Flash Kira has decided to bring a superhero sidekick of her own… Who is she? We will know at Summer Meltdown!


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