Results of All Rogue Women Warriors Matches


ACW The Chemicals Between Us – Stevens, PA – October 13th 2018

Trixie Tash was able to submit Sahara Se7en via Trixie Trap.

After being tripped by Gilette, Queen Aminata was the victim of a big double legdrop from Amy Lee which secured the victory for Pryme Tyme.

Lady Frost was able to get the 1-2-3 over “The Gladiator of the Geeks” Riley Shepard by reversing a Fireman’s Carry into a Sunset flip and grabbing a hand full of tights which surprised everybody in the crowd.

“2 Scoops” KC Spinelli was victorious over Brittany Blake after hitting a devastating spear.

In a competitive match, “The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine was able to dispose of Veda Scott with her Fireman’s Carry Driver. Veda gracefully accepted the defeated and embraced Valentine after the match.

LuFisto is still your Rogue World Champion after beating Kimber Lee via Burning Hammer in the main event of Atomic Championship Wrestling & Rogue Women Warriors' "The Chemicals Between Us".



ACW A Little Piece of Heaven – September 15th 2018

As Trixie Tash was on her way to victory, LuFisto came out of the backstage area and tripped her while she was attempting to run.  Vanity capitalized and hit Tash with an Eat Defeat for the 3 count.

“The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart delivered her top rope Santon to get the 1-2-3 over Jenny Rose. Both wrestlers shook hand as a sign of respect after this incredible match.

Tess Valentine was victorious over “The Wild Child” Jody Threat via Fireman’s Carry Driver.

Brittany Blake submitted Ray Lyn with her Bad Omen.

Rogue World Champion LuFisto defeated Lady Frost with a hand full of tights to retain her championship.



ACW Triple-Threat Event – Reading, PA – August 25th 2018

Rogue Women Warriors Collide

1. Mary Lee Rose was victorious over Gemma Cross using her Encore Cutter.

2. As Azaelle hit her Hell’s Bells Wheel Barrow Face Buster on “The Exalted One” Londyn Ali and thought she was about to win the match, Veda Scott ran in and kicked her in the face and stole the pin fall from her.

3. Pink Flash Kira delivered her Air Raid Crash onto “The Siren” Laura Loveless to get the 1-2-3.

4. Gabby Gilbert was able to pin “The Angel of Death” Angie Skye with her feet on the ropes.

5. “La Mera Mera” Thunder Rosa defeated “The Babe with the Power” Willow Nightingale with a Top Rope Double stomp.

6. In a battle of two former Rogue Champions, “The Child of the Damned” Sally bested “The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine when she was able to spit her black mist in Tess’ face without the referee seeing it.

7. In the main event of Rogue Women Warriors Collide, the years of experience of veteran LuFisto were just too much for Trixie Tash as she was the victim of a burning hammer. LuFisto then became the 6th woman to hold the Rogue World Championship. Tash showed lots of courage during this match which the fans appreciated and gave her a big ovation.


ACW Who Ya Gonna Call? – Stevens, PA – July 14th 2018

Using her Cross Over face plant, Gemma Cross got the 1-2-3 over Jawsolyn the Friendly Shark.

Willow Nightingale was the winner of a three way dance fight also involving Riley Shepard and Kaitlin Diemond when Nightingale was able to hit a Fisherman Buster on Diemond.

At LuFisto’s request, her match with Amy Lee because a no rules fight that was fought all around the Stevens Fire Hall. As Lee was isolated in a corner, LuFisto turned around and met with Gilette’s very hard purse. Dazed and confused, LuFisto got trapped into Amy’s pedigree and landed right on her head, giving Pryme Tyme the victory!

Trixie Tash surprised everyone once again by defeating former champion Tess Valentine via quick roll-up to retain her Rogue World Champion. Tash then said that there was only one way for her to prove to everyone that she was a deserving champion… And it was by challenging and beating LuFisto on August 25th.

A very upset LuFisto showed up reminding Trixie that she was going to be out for a while because of a surgery scheduled shortly and that it was disgusting and disrespectful that the rookie would call her out knowing of her struggles… LuFisto then turned around to leave but then viciously attacked Trixie by dropping her on her head with a Burning Hammer… LuFisto promised that, if she was cleared, she would face Trixie on August 25th and take the Rogue championship from her… And she wouldn’t be able to run away because… It would be a cage match!


ACW Big Bang Baby – Reading, PA – June 22nd 2018

LuFisto was victorious over Allie Recks with the Burning Hammer. Recks showed a lot of heart in that contest and won several fans that night.

Rogue Champion “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash retained her championship against Gemma Cross with a top rope dropkick.

Penelope was victorious over Antoinette Marie with a Backflip Cutter.

“The First Real Mermaid” and former Rogue Champion Tess Valentine is now the no. 1 contender to Trixie Tash’s championship as she defeated Jenny Rose when she delivered her Fireman’s Carry Driver.


ACW Can You Handle This? – Stevens, PA – May 19th 2018

In their respective debuts to ROGUE Women Warriors Antoinette Marie defeated Riley Krowe with an Implant DDT.

"Pryme Tyme" Amy Lee and her manager Gilette’s plan did not go accordingly when Gilette mistakenly hit Lee with her purse for Ashley Vox to quickly roll her up and get the 1-2-3.

Delmi Exo defeated Gemma Cross via small package in a ROGUE Singles Match.

ROGUE Women Warriors Champion Trixie Tash made Jenny Rose tap out using her “Trixie Trap” to retain the championship in her first title defense.


ACW Conquer or Die… Or Let’s Try This Again – Reading, PA – April 28th 2018

With the help of Gilette blinding her opponent with a spray, Londyn Ali was victorious over newcomer Riley Shepard using an Inverted overdrive.

With an unexpected Jenny Rose adding herself to the Rogue Championship Match and Kaci Dillon replacing the missing Rebecca Payne, “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash became the newly crown champion! With Jenny Rose out from Kaci Dillon’s Choke Bomb, Tess Valentine then surprised Dillon with her Mermaid Driver but was then pushed outside the ring by Ray Lyn who was then drop kicked outside the ring by Tash. The little superhero then capitalized on Dillon still suffering the effects of Tess’ driver to cover her for the 1-2-3.

Commissioner Sweigart came out to present her the new Rogue World Champion belt also known as the Harry Melligner Memorial Championship in honor of our friend Harry who passed away a few weeks ago. Being the greatest women’s wrestling fan, Harry helped Rogue become a reality and it was only fair that his name be on the championship in his honor. Thank you Harry for the love and believing in all the women wrestlers and Rogue Women Warriors.

As a sign of respect, Jenny Rose wrapped the belt around Trixie’s waist but also let her know that she was coming for the title.

It took a German suplex unto chairs, her One-Woman Conchairto and a Burning Hammer on top of chairs for LuFisto to defeat Joshi Legend Mima Shimoda.


ACW Caturday Night Wrestling – Stevens, PA – March 3rd 2018

Brittany Blake was victorious over “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash via her Bad Omen submission.

LuFisto was first scheduled to face Vanity in singles competition but as soon as the Wounded Owl came out of the locker room, Adira attacked her. In the ring, both Vanity and Adira were kicking LuFisto until Allie Recks came to the rescue. The match then turned into a tag team fight. As Vanity and LuFisto were argueing outside with a chair and that referee Aubrey Rose was busy with them, Adira used her chain to knock out Allie Recks. Vanity and LuFisto kept on fighting at ringside when Adira got the 1-2-3 over Recks to secure the victory for her team.

Rogue Dark Phase Champion “The Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine made “The Crimson Queen” Rebecca Payne tap to keep her championship. Gilette was nowhere to be found…


ACW Death of Seasons – Reading, PA – February 9th 2018

“The Tenacious” Trixie Tash was victorious over Londyn Ali. During the match, Gilette removed Tash’s masks and as Ali and Gilette were making fun of her, the two of them butted head with Trixie pushed Londyn into her manager and rolled up her opponent for the win.

LuFisto defeated Gemma Cross via Burning Hammer with only one arm after cross damaged the Wounded Owl’s arm for most of the fight.

“La Mera Mera” Thunder Rosa defeated “The Queen of Twerk” Ray Lyn with a Reverse Piledriver.

The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine retained her Rogue Championship over Jessicka Havok with an Inziguri and Fisherman Buster combo! Being a great competitor, Jessicka Havok shook the champion’s hand before leaving. As Tess was celebrating, Rebecca Payne returned and attacked the Rogue Champion. Havok came back to Tess’ rescue but Payne had already done the damage and asked to get a shot at the Rogue Championship on March 3rd in Stevens, PA.



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