Results of All Rogue Women Warriors Matches


ACW Nobody's Safe – Stevens, PA – March 4th 2017

Pink Flash Kira pulled off what could be called an upset with her pin fall victory over "The Terradactyl" Terra Calaway following a Shinning Wizard.

Stefany Sinclair defeated LuFisto via count out. LuFisto attempted her Burning Hammer on Sinclair who was able to get outside the ring. The two fought at ringside until Stefany was able to send LuFisto’s head into a post before barely making it inside the ring for the 10 count.

Jewells Malone defeated Rebecca Payne who was accompanied to the ring by Gilette by pin fall using the Crowned Jewells.

Due to Angie Skye not being able to appear at "Nobody's Safe" to defend her Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Championship, she was stripped of the title and it was put up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match to determine a new champion. This match would see Sally


ACW Sleazy Christmas – Stevens, PA – December 10th 2016

Nyla Rose was victorious over the dancing C-Bunny with the Beast Bomb. Rose then advanced to the Finals to crown the first-ever Rogue Champion.

“The Child of the Damned” Sally advanced to the Rogue Championship Finals when she defeated “The Hardcore Princess” Jewells Malone with her Fading Roses after she spat mist in her opponent’s eyes.

Angie Skye used her Hard Goodbye to get the victory over Azaelle and advance to the Rogue Championship Finals.

LuFisto made Rebecca Payne tap out with a nasty arm bar despite the attempts of Gilette to get involved in the match, therefore advancing
to the Rogue Championship Finals.

As Nyla Rose and LuFisto battled to the back, Angie Skye became the first-ever Rogue Dark Phase Champion when she defeated Sally using a
corner Death Valley Driver on the buckles. Sally had previously kicked out of Skye’s hard Goodbye which had never been since at Rogue.


ACW November Coming Fire – Stevens, PA – November 5th 2016

Rebecca Payne (w/ Gilette) defeated Angie Skye by DQ due to outside interference by Annie Social.

Delmi Exo with Jawsolyn the Friendly Shark defeated Azaelle when she reversed the Deity of Misery's wheelbarrow face buster into a sunset pin.

LuFisto was victorious against Kaitlin Diemond when Diemond spit Sake in LuFisto's eye right in front of the referee.

Annie Social defeated Ashley Vox by pin fall with her split stunner. After the match, Social called out Angie Skye to beat down Vox but it retaliated as Skye turned around and knocked out Annie. Delmi Exo came quickly at ringside to check on Ashley and celebrate with Angie Skye and Jawsolyn.


ACW Pandemonium – Stevens, PA – October 8th 2016

The first ROGUE Women Warriors bout of the evening which saw Nyla Rose gain the victory over Rebecca Payne who was accompanied to the ring by her manager, Gilette.

LuFisto defeated Sally with the Burning Hammer.

Black Widow Eve defeated "The Angel of Death" Angie Skye with a handful of Angie's tights.

Angelina Love defeated "The Last Pure Athlete" Jordynne Grace with the Botox Injection.


ACW Fallout – Stevens, PA – September 10th 2016

In the first match of the evening, Ray Lyn defeated Vanity via Ray-Cray-O.

LuFisto made the Black Widow Eve submit to “La Crucetta” leg lock.

"The Deity of Misery" Azaelle rolled up Solo Darling to be victorious in a 3-way dance match also involving the “Punk Rock Princess” Mary Lee Rose with the help of Gilette. With Rebecca Payne being absent due to medical reason, Gilette got involved in the match as she pulled Rose out of the match and threw powder in the face of the Sugar Creature to help Azaelle get the win.

Angie Skye defeated Thunder Kitty by hitting her with her Hard Goodbye. A few moments after getting pinned, Kitty noticed a chain in a corner.
Trying to get some revenged, she applied a sleeper hold to Skye and left her sleeping in the ring until security got her out.


ACW Critical Heat – Stevens, PA – August 27th 2016

ACW Commissioner, Lee Sweigart introduced The Special Guest Co-Commissioner for the night in WWE Hall of Famer, The Original Diva of Professional Wrestling, SUNNY!!!

In the opening Rogue Women Warriors Match of the night saw Missy defeat Rebecca Payne with the CheckMate after Rebecca Payne was pushed into her own Manager, Gilette who was standing on the apron.

Fan favorite Sweet Cherrie defeated the debuting Aria Cadenza with a Stunner.

In a Triple Threat Match pitting Nikki Addams versus Jordynne Grace and the debuting Layne Rosario. Nikki Addams gained the victory by pinning Layne Rosario.

In another top notch match "Princess Palm Strike" Kimber Lee defeated "The OG Doll" Vanity.

In a Rogue Women Warriors match "The Angel of Death" Angie Skye defeated "The Boy Diva" Rick Cataldo.

In a Grudge Match fought with Absolutely No Rules pitting LuFisto versus Annie Social. These two women took it to each other in one hell of a hard hitting match. LuFisto would gain the pinfall victory after hitting Social with the "One-Woman Conchairto".


ACW Summer Meltdown – Stevens, PA – July 9th 2016

Jenny Rose defeated Jordynne Grace in a highly competitive match.

Rebecca Payne with Gilette defeated Solo Darling in a First Apple Standing Match. Thanks to Gilette switching apples and Solo Darling bitting into that apple that rendered her unable to return to the ring. Solo Darling literally had to be carried to the back after the match.

"Princess" Kimber Lee defeated "The Terradactyl" Terra Callaway in another highly competitive match.

Annie Social defeated Veda Scott. Another top notch match delivered by these two women, even if it was a match won by questionable tactics from Annie Social. 


ACW Chaotic Behavior – Stevens, PA – June 11th 2016

Rebecca Payne defeated Jenny Rose with a handful of tights and interference from her manager, Gilette. Post match, J-Ro exacted some revenge by knocking out Gilette for her actions.

Pink Flash Kira defeated Azaelle in a singles match. 

In a match, that appeared to have been won by Angie Skye over Maya Musacchio saw that decision reversed when it was discovered that Angie Skye used a foreign object to gain the initial victory. The referee had no other choice but to give the victory via DQ to Maya Musacchio.

Veda Scott defeated the debuting Sally in a singles match. 

In the main event, the team of LuFisto and Awesome Kong defeated Annie Social and her partner Mickie "Moose" Knuckles. Awesome Kong gained the pinfall for her team over Mickie Knuckles as LuFisto and Social fought each other to the back. 


ACW Sweet 16 – Stevens, PA – May 14th 2016

Rebecca Payne was victorious by pinning Maya Musacchio after Missy had delivered her "Checkmate Flatliner" and got thrown out of the ring by Payne who then covered Musacchio while Gilette was holding on to Missy.

Solo Darling used sugar rushed her way to victory over Savannah Evans.

"The Sriker" Stefany Sinclair made Jenny Rose tap out with a Meta Submission.

Annie Social quickly pinned Sweet Cherrie using by pulling her tights in a tag team battle also involving Angie Skye and LuFIsto. However, the match would be restarted again by ACW Commissioner, Max Tempest who had witness what happened and declare the match to be a No DQ, No Count Out fight. In the end, LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie were victorious when LuFisto pinned Skye via Mangalizer.

Following the loss, Annie Social immediately grabbed the microphone and mentioned it was time for her to give her girl Skye a break and bring someone that could finally help her get rid of LuFisto, someone LuFisto knew well in former TNA Knockout and also a Queen of the Death Matches in Mickie Knuckles. Little did Annie know that LuFisto had a big surprise of her own, a big and AWESOME surprise for her…. And then, the Stevens Fire Hall heard and saw on the big screen that none other than former WWE Superstar and two-time TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong would step into the ACW ring on June 11th as LuFisto’s tag team partner.


ACW Time Bomb – Stevens, PA – April 2nd 2016

Jenny Rose defeated Black Widow Eve via a spear roll up combo

Maria Manic surprised Rebecca Payne for the win

Annie Social defeated Nikki Addams with her Split Stunner. After the match, Social and Angie Skye, who both beat her in singles action, challenged LuFisto who was absent to a tag team match next month.

Terra Calaway cheated her way to the victory versus Nyla Rose. The very angry Native Beast already asked for a rematch.

Angie Skye defeated Gabby Gilbert via Hard Goodbye.


ACW Nobody's Safe – Stevens, PA - March 12th 2016

The “Last Pure Athlete” Jordynne Grace defeated “The Punk Rock Princess” Mary Lee Rose with the “Fall from Grace” Powerbomb.

The Black Widow Eve got the best of Maya Morrison via Package Piledriver.

Rebecca Payne was victorious with a roll-up with a hand full of tights over Pink Flash Kira after Gilette pulled Kira’s leg, preventing her from
scoring the victory earlier in the match.

By pushing herself on top of LuFisto using the ropes and trapping her opponent underneath, Angie Skye scored an upset victory over the veteran.

Jessicka Havok was victorious over Kimber Lee via Stretch Muffler in a very physical match. Both shook hands as a sign of respect after the fight. 


ACW My Bloody Valentine – Reading, PA - February 19th 2016

The "Sugar-Fueled Seductress" Solo Darling defeated “The Terradactyl” Terra Calaway via roll-up.

“The Angel of Death” Angie Skye pinned Jenny Rose following her Hard Goodbye Unprettier.

Veda Scott was victorious over “The Crimson Queen” Rebecca Payne after Payne’s manager Gilette’s interference backfired on the tandem.

Annie Social defeated “The Wounded Own Ronin” LuFisto after the referee was accidentally pushed outside of the ring and gave Angie Skye the
opportunity to interfere in the match and deliver her Hard Goodbye Unprettier on LuFisto and put Social on top for the three count.

“Princess” Kimber Lee pinned the “Last Pure Athlete” Jordynne Grace in a must-see match. 



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