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Ring Rentals and Equipment


Located in Pennsylvania, Atomic Championship Wrestling offer great rates and service for the Northeast US.



Whether you need a ring for a pro wrestling event, boxing event, television production or birthday party, Atomic Championship Wrestling can help you!
Our ring is 16 feet x 16 feet, and is approx 36 inches in height from floor to canvas with steel cable ropes with a softer outer covering that can be adjusted for various levels of tightness.

With 20 years of experience, we handle everything and offer plenty of options with the ring rental including sound system, steel guardrails, truss entrance setting, big screen, lights and videos.



Ring Rental

The price of your rental will depend on your location and driving time from our base in Denver, PA. Cost will also be effected by what type of building the ring as prices will be higher if there are many stairs, long hallways or a long walk from our truck to the set-up spot.

In order for us to give you an exact price for the rental, we will need to know all the details about your location and set-up spot, and the times for set up and breakdown of the ring. ACW can also do outdoors as well.


Music and Microphones

The use of our PA system for your entrance/ event music, as well as microphones is also available to you. Being a high powered system, it is great for indoor or outdoor events. Extra cost on top of ring rental price.


Steel Guardrails

Guardrails can also been added to your bundle. They will create an approx 4 foot walkway around the ring. Extra cost on top of ring rental price.



For any questions and to get an exact price for your ring rental, please email us:

Please include details on date of event, type of building and set-up spot, and approximate times for set-up and breakdown of the ring.





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Upcoming Events Dates
Nov. 30th - Allentown PA
Game Changer World
Dec. 15th - Stevens PA - Fire Hall
Dec. 29th - Reading PA - Reverb


Stevens Fire Company Hall

We are proud to team up with the Stevens Fire Company Hall to bring the fans great wrestling action throughout the year! Every time you show up to an event, you are helping the firefighters!

91 Stevens Rd, Stevens, PA 17578



We also partner with Reading, PA's premier
live entertainment venue, Reverb!
1402 N 9th St, Reading, PA 19604




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