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ACW & Rogue Results 2017


ACW Sream for Vengeance – Reading, PA – December 30th 2017

The show started with Commissioner Lee Sweigart introducing his guest co-commissioner of the night in the Scream Queen Daffney! She promised that she would be watching all night and that things would have to go her way!

1. The team of Rockin' Rebel, Johnny K. Mondo and "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys defeated the team of Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger and Adam Anthrax after Anthrax had enough of his teammates and turned his back on them which led Bobby Kruger to be the victim of Rebel’s Leg Drop.  Post-match: Adam Anthrax washed his hands of Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger and shook Rebel’s hand as a sign of respect.

2. “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash finally was able to score her first victory of her career when she rolled up Ashley America for the 1-2-3!

3. The team of Rob Noxious and "Bulldog" James Dylan were unable to get their ACW Tag Team title shot against the BLK OUT as the champions never made it to Reading. An annoyed ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart was given no other choice but to strip the champions and that a decision will be made at a later date as for what to do with the ACW Tag Team Championships. Knowing that Noxious & Dylan wanted a fight, the team of "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and Prince Piranha answered the call. Even with a spirited effort, Kiesel and Piranha were put down by the "Bulldog" with a devastating spear on Prince Piranha.

4. In a battle of two local legends, Troy Mest defeated the Cremator via DQ. Post-match: Manager Ryan Vox was chokeslammed by Cremator for his troubles.

5. In the second inter-gender match up in Rogue’s history, “The Punk Rock Kween” Jamie Senegal defeated Adira with a devastating kick to the head.

6. ACW Cruiserweight Champion, Hayne bested Ace Dallas and "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd to retained his championship Ladder Match. After the match, Ace Dallas was surprised by a huge Christmas present box… Which was filled with…  None other than "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa!!! The Butcher made it known that he intends to make Ace Dallas his next victim.

7. Shain "Ace" Klopenza defeated his former partner Jason Gotti to become the new ACW Tri-State Champion after Gotti passed out from a chokehold.

8. At first scheduled to be a one-on-one battle, Twisted Tate and Stockade and Suicide Myers who added himself to the match (approved by guest commissioner Daffney), this 3-way dance we went all over The Reverb! The match ended in controversy as both Twisted Tate and Stockade were declared victorious. Twisted Tate and Stockade even shook hands in a possible sign of respect. Time will tell.

9. We thought for a moment that we had a new Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Champion when Penelope Ford pinned champion Tess Valentine with her feet on the ropes. Her celebration was cut short by co-commissioner Daffney who restarted the match and even stayed at ringside to make sure there would be no more shenanigans. Daffney even fell in the guardrails when Penelope accidentally hit her! “The First Real Mermaid” prevailed in the end when she delivered her Fireman’s Carry Driver on Ford.

10. "The Wrestler of the Millenium" Louis G. Rich became the new ACW Heavyweight Champion by defeating Breaux Keller in a 2 out of 3 Falls match, thanks in part to an unknown individual attacking Breaux Keller and putting him in the Torture Rack while the referee was down. It can be assumed that Breaux Keller will not only want to get his hands back on his title but also get his hands on the individual that helped G. Rich rob him of it.



ACW Rebel Rebel – Stevens, PA – November 4th 2017

1. ACW Cruiserweight Champion "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd defended his title once again against long-time rival Hayne. This match had the pre-match stipulation that this would be Hayne's last opportunity at the ACW Cruiserweight Title, which is most likely why Hayne resorted to throwing a fireball into the face of the "Rising Star" to gain victory and the ACW Cruiserweight Championship. We here at ACW/ROGUE wish Rob Lloyd all the best in his recovery from the apparent eye injury he sustained from the fireball that was thrown into his face.

2. Gilette successfully chose a wrestler to get the job done in Ray Lyn when the “Miley Cyrus of Professional Wrestling” defeated “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash via Ray-Cray-O.

3. Rockin' Rebel was all set to face Pretty Fly in a one-on-one contest but Fly and his cronies of Bobby Kruger and Adam Anthrax had other plans as they jumped Rebel before the match even took place. This led to Johnny K. Mondo and Scotty Jeffreys coming to the rescue and chasing them off. This prompted a furious ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to turn the originally scheduled singles match into a 6 Man Tag Match. All this was basically pointless as the cowardly ways of Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger and Adam Anthrax came through once again as they walked out on the match and handed the count out victory to Rebel and his team. These 6 men will face-off one last time on December 30th at The Reverb.  

4. ACW Tri-State Champion "The Punishing Paisan" Jason Gotti successfully defended his title against a formidable challenger in "The Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon. Gotti seems to be on a little bit of a roll in ACW/ROGUE since winning the Tri-State Title.

5. The “First Real Mermaid’ Tess Valentine became the new Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Champion when she as able to deliver her Fireman’s Carry Driver on Pink Flash Kira.

6. The anticipated singles match between "The White Lion" Twisted Tate and John Silver was interrupted by Stockade and Dylan Bostic which led the ACW Commissioner to come out and turn the match into the tag team match of "The White Lion" and John Silver against Stockade and Dylan Bostic. Stockade would pick up the victory in this matchup for his team with a Pop-up Power-bomb on John Silver. Post-match Stockade unmasked "The White Lion." This led to Kanazawa and the returning Ace Klopenza coming to the aid of Twisted Tate. Stockade began running down everyone and everything in sight. Commissioner Lee Sweigart came out and verbally stood up to Stockade and announced that on December 30th at The Reverb, Stockade would face Twisted Tate in an Anything Goes Match. The Commissioner also granted Ace Klopenza a shot at the ACW Tri-State Champion and his former partner Jason Gotti at The Reverb.

7. Gemma Cross got her revenge over Angie Skye when she was able to escape the Hard Goodbye of “The Angel of Death”, poked Angie in the eyes and applied a quick small package holding the tights without the referee noticing anything.

8. The pairing of Jon Dahmer and Rob Noxious defeated the team of Mr.Ping and the debuting Bear Bronson by pin fall in a very physical tag team matchup.

9. “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto was victorious after capitalizing on Rebel missing a Moonsault and hurting her ankle to apply La Crucetta leg lock and defeat the former TNA Knockout via submission.

10. ACW Heavyweight Champion Breaux Keller, who was under the weather, overcame sickness and a very tough opponent in the self-professed "Wrestler of the Millennium," Louis G. Rich to retain his title.  After the match, in what appeared to be a show of sportsmanship on Rich's part, he handed the title belt to Breaux. Unfortunately, he would then proceed to attack the champion from behind with a "low blow", showing once again Louis' devious antics. At this point, a very disappointed Commissioner Lee Sweigart informed Louis G. Rich that he would be giving him another shot at the ACW Heavyweight Championship on December 30th at The Reverb in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match.



ACW Horror Business – Stevens, PA – October 7th 2017

1. ACW Cruiserweight Champion "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd once again retained his title by defeating Hayne. After the match, "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa made his presence felt and had a stare down with Rob Lloyd. Obviously, Kanazawa is no cruiserweight. Would bigger things or challengers be in the near future for The Rising Star?

2. “The Poseidon Siren” Ashley Vox got the 1-2-3 over “The Angel of Death” Angie Skye with a Fameasser.

3. ACW Tri-State Champion, Jason Gotti retained his title in a gauntlet match that included Mr. Ping, Suicide Myers, Jimmy Lyon and Ace Dallas. Gotti proved that he is willing to take on all challengers by accepting to make his first title defense in a gauntlet match like this. Kanazawa once again made his presence felt, not by confronting the Tri-State Champion but by confronting one Ace Dallas. "Zawa" has been a hard guy to read these days as we don’t know what his intentions are in ACW.

4. "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys defeated Bobby Kruger in a Bull-Rope Match by being the first man to hit all four corners of the ring. Who knows what lies ahead for these two competitors coming out of the result of this match? Stay tuned!

5.“Thick Mama Pump” Jordynne Grace was victorious over Delmi Exo via Powerbomb.

6. Rockin' Rebel was set to face both Pretty Fly and Adam Anthrax in a handicap match. That was until Rebel revealed he had taken out Pretty Fly the night before. This prompted ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart who was at ringside to go ahead with the stipulations that were made prior to this contest but the match itself would be contested as a one-on-one anything goes match. In the end, Rockin' Rebel was victorious. This now means that for the next 30 days, Adam Anthrax is ACW Commissioner, Lee Sweigart's B**CH!!! That should be interesting.

7. The Tenacious Trixie Tash surprised everyone in attendance when she showed up to answer LuFisto’s open challenge for the Shine Championship. Tash gave her all but the veteran was too much for her as she was the victim of a Burning Hammer. Gilette showed up to make fun of the defeated Trixie but quickly left when LuFisto came back to help Tash.

8. Jon Dahmer defeated Prince Piranha in a singles match. Piranha gave his all in trying to defeat the veteran Dahmer. In the end, Dahmer proved to be just a little too much for Piranha to overcome. It will be interesting to see where these two competitors go from here in ACW.

9. After a loss against Sienna last month, “First Real Mermaid’ Tess Valentine got back on the road to victory when she defeated KC Spinelli with her Fireman’s Carry Driver.

10. "The White Lion" Twisted Tate was wrestling Louis G. Rich in a classic back and forth match up until Stockade came to ring side and shot The White Lion with a tranquilizer. This prompted a puzzled ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to make this match a Triple Threat match. In the end, The White Lion overcame being "put down" to pin Stockade for the victory. With Stockade on the hunt in ACW, I'd be watching my tail if I were "The White Lion."

11. Pink Flash Kira successfully retained her Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Championship against the Hardcore Princess Jewells Malone in a hard hitting fight. As Kira was celebrating, Tess Valentine came out asking the champion for a shot at the Rogue title in November which Pink Flash agreed to!

12. In the main event for the ACW Heavyweight Championship, Breaux Keller and Tim Donst blew the roof off of Stevens Fire Hall. These two men battled all over the ring side area, near fall after near fall. They had the fans on the edge of their seats just imagining what could be coming next. This match could have gone to either man. This time though Breaux Keller was just a little better and he was once again successful in retaining the ACW Heavyweight Title. This was by far the toughest test Breaux has had to overcome since becoming champion. Louis G. Rich confronted Breaux Keller in the ring demanding that he defend his title against him. After getting approval from the crowd, Breaux Keller agreed to face Louis on November 4th in Stevens, PA.



ACW Here Comes Revenge – Stevens, PA – September 9th 2017

1. "Here Comes Revenge" opened with "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys against Bobby Kruger. This was another chapter in this feud that has gone on for months. All looked to be going Jeffreys’ way until Adam Anthrax interfered again on Kruger's behalf to gain the victory. At "Horror Business" on October 7th Jeffreys and Kruger will go to battle in a Bull-rope Match.

2. “The Angel of Death” Angie Skye was victorious over Gemma Cross with her Hard Goodbye.

3. ACW Tag Team Champions BLK OUT successfully defended their titles against the team of Prince Piranha and "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel. This was a very competitive matchup that in the end was won by the more experienced BLK OUT.  It should be interesting to see which tag team steps up next to face the ACW Tag Team Champions.

4. Ray Lyn, who was unable to appear, was replaced by “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash who was looking for revenge against Rebecca Payne and Gilette. Unfortunately for her, she was disqualified by referee Wayne Horn after Gilette gave her a purse with a brick inside while the Horn was down as Rebecca pretended to be knocked out from the “hit”.

5. The "White Lion" Twisted Tate's prey at "Here Comes Revenge" was the "Icon" BJ Walker. The "Icon" proved to be one of the toughest combatants for the "White Lion" to this date but was finally put down with the Shining Wizard for a "White Lion" victory.

6. Pretty Fly with the help of Adam Anthrax defeated Rockin' Rebel. Anthrax who was handcuffed at ringside to Lee Sweigart broke free after Bobby Kruger attacked the Commissioner. This now will lead to a Handicap Match at "Horror Business" where if Rockin' Rebel loses he will be suspended for 30 days, but, whoever takes the pin fall be it Pretty Fly or Adam Anthrax, one of them will become Commissioner Lee Sweigart's B*tch for 30 Days. This could prove to be very interesting.

7. In a match that ended up in the crowd, revenge finally came for LuFisto when she was able to get Stefany Sinclair through a table with a DVD from the apron unto a table placed outside.

8. ACW Cruiserweight Champion "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd faced a familiar foe in the returning Hayne. This match went back and forth and could have gone either way until Hayne got himself disqualified. "Your winner and still ACW Cruiserweight Champion, "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd!" rang out once again from ACW Ring Announcer, Carolina Jim, which has become the normal sound that has rung out following "The Rising Star's" title defense. Competitors are lining up to try to change that narrative.

9. Pink Flash Kira remains the Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Champion after she was able to deliver her Air Raid Crash to Sahara Se7en.

10. "The Punishing Paisan" Jason Gotti made the most of his opportunity at the ACW Tri- State Title that was given to him by Commissioner Lee Sweigart and defeated both Jon Dahmer and now former Tri-State Champion Rob Noxious in a triple threat match to become the new ACW Tri-State Champion. Post-match, Noxious and Dahmer hit Gotti with a double flapjack and appear to now be a team. Jason Gotti appears to have suffered some sort of shoulder injury from the attack. Gotti is as tough as the come and is sure to bounce back and be a fighting champion, taking on all challengers.

11. ACW Heavyweight Champion, Breaux Keller defeated the returning Nick Berk. The ring veteran, Berk proved to be one of Keller's toughest challengers to this date. Berk showed Breaux exactly why he has been around for as long as he has been and gave the champ a run for his money. In the end, Breaux Keller and his Superkick proved to be too much for the challenger to overcome. Breaux Keller is on a roll as ACW Heavyweight Champion. Everyone is excited to see who will step up next to challenge the red hot champion.

12. In the main event of the night, Sienna defeated “The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine with her Discus Lariat.


ACW Blood Brothers – Stevens, PA – August 26th 2017

1. ACW & ROGUE WOMEN WARRIORS: BLOOD BROTHERS kicked off with ACW Cruiserweight Champion Rob Lloyd defeating ACW newcomer Sonny Vice to retain his title in a very competitive contest. Lloyd's star continues to rise as ACW Cruiserweight Champion. The ACW fans should all look forward to seeing what is next for "The Rising Star."

2. Rebecca Payne defeated “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash with the help of Gilette who knocked her out with a purse which had a brick inside. Despite a defeat, Trixie Tash had a great showing for her first match ever, Tash being the first female graduate of the ACW-Rogue Training School.

3. Due to the absence of Jason Gotti's usual partner, Commissioner Lee Sweigart came to ringside to introduce Gotti's replacing partner when to everyone's surprise walked out "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa who just wanted to make his presence felt before he joined in on commentary. After this interruption, the commissioner named Ace Dallas as Gotti's partner. After having enough of Ace Dallas, Jason Gotti abandoned him which led to BLK OUT (Ruckus and Robby Illuminati) being crowned the new ACW Tag Team Champions. Maybe it is time for Jason Gotti to break out on his own after not having much luck when it comes to tag partners. Only time will tell.

4. The team of Rockin' Rebel and Scotty Jeffreys defeated the team of Louis G. Rich, Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger in a 3 on 2 Anything Goes Handicap match. This match would see it go outside the ring and outside the arena. With Jeffreys and Kruger fighting to the back, Louis G. Rich walking out on his team again, and a failed interference by Adam Anthrax, this promoted ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to come to ringside once again to restore order. He then announced Scotty Jeffreys Vs Bobby Kruger and Rockin' Rebel Vs Pretty Fly with the stipulation that Adam Anthrax would be handcuffed to the Commissioner at ringside for the match. Both of these matches will take place at "Here Comes Revenge" on September 9th in Stevens.

5. The powerful First Real Mermaid Tess Valentine was victorious over “The Deity of Misery” Azaelle with her Fireman’s Carry Driver.

6. The team of "The Party Animal" Brian Keisel & Prince Piranha won The Commissioner's Challenge Tag Team Match via DQ when Rob Noxious struck referee Aubrey Rose. With the stipulations of this match Noxious handed Keisel and Piranha an ACW Tag Team Championship Match and set himself up for a Tri-State title defense against his partner for this match, Jon Dahmer. Rob Noxious hinted at wanting that title defense to be a Hardcore Match.

7. “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto retained her Shine Championship against Holidead in a very competitive match. It was the first time ever that the Shine Championship was defended in the State of Pennsylvania.

8. The match pitting Stockade Vs "The White Lion" Twisted Tate went to a time limit draw. This was an intense and physical confrontation that let the fan' wanting to see more of these two in the ring. Without a clear winner coming out of this confrontation it is a given that there will be another contest between these two. Stay tuned!

9. Pink Flash Kira is still the Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Champion after she was able to pin Angie Skye with an Air Raid Crash.

10. ACW Heavyweight Champion Breaux Keller once again successfully defended his title, this time against both Jason Gory and The Red Scorpion. The crowd was hot for this match and rightfully so. All three of these men gave them everything they had in this main event. In the end, Breaux Keller remained ACW Heavyweight Champion as The Red Scorpion left referee Aubrey Rose lying unconscious in the ring with a TKScorpiO to end the show.


ACW Summer Meltdown – Stevens, PA – July 15th 2017

1.The ACW Tag Team Champions, Judas Gray and Jason Gotti, kicked off "Summer Meltdown" by defending their titles against the team of "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and Prince Piranha. This match was full of fast paced, back and forth action that got the crowd pumped up rigyht from the beginning of the show. In the end, Gray and Gotti proved to be too much for Kiesel and Piranha as they retained their Tag Team Championships by pin fall.

2. “The Crimson Queen” Rebecca Payne defeated Nikki Addams with a roll-up holding her pants after Gilette had successfully distracted Addams long enough for Payne to capitalize.

3. The team of Louis G. Rich & Pretty Fly defeated Rockin' Rebel in a "Fans Bring the Weapons Handicap Match" thanks to the distraction of Bobby Kruger who was at ringside. Post-match: Scotty Jeffreys made the save by chasing Rich, Fly and Bobby from the ring.

4. “The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine was impressively victorious over the powerful Aria Cadenza as she was able to pick up her larger opponent on her shoulder to deliver her Fireman’s Carry Driver for the three count.

5. Scotty Jeffreys defeated Bobby Kruger when Kruger's chair shot backfired and end up hitting himself which Jeffreys capitalized upon for the victory. After the match, Rich, Fly and Bobby attacked Jeffreys. Rockin' Rebel came to Jeffrey’s aid this time. This prompted Rockin' Rebel and Scotty Jeffreys to challenge the team of Louis G. Rich, Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger to a "3 on 2 Anything Goes Handicap Match" at the next event. The match was granted to Rebel and Jeffreys by ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart.

6. Angie Skye defeated Willow Nightingale with a vicious running Yakusa Kick to the face in a very competitive match.

7. ACW Tri-State Champion Rob Noxious and ACW Cruiserweight Champion Rob Lloyd defeated the team of Jon Dahmer and Robbie Illuminati by pin fall after a spear by Lloyd followed up with the frog splash by Noxious on Dahmer. Towards the end, there seemed to be some tension between Dahmer and Illuminati.

8. As Pink Flash Kira was waiting for champions Sally to come out, Gilette came out by herself and the championship. Gilette doesn’t know where Sally is as she has “disappeared”.  Gilette mentions that she has found herself a new champion and introduces Hellen Vale. Commissioner Lee Sweigart doesn’t agree with Gilette’s decision and says that if Sally is not here to compete, the title will have to be on the line anyway. He grants a match between Hellen Vale and Pink Flash Kira for the Rogue Championship.

As Gilette attempts to interfere using the championship belt, the “Tenacious” Trixie Tash comes to the rescue and knocks out the manager.  Pink Flash Kira is your new Rogue Dark Phase Champion after being able to hit her Air Raid Crash on Vale. Kira then celebrates with her new side kick Trixie Tash!

9. Ruckus and Stockade jumped Facade when it appeared that his partner no showed. This prompted the ACW Commissioner to come out and try to instill some order and introduce Twisted Tate as Facade's partner. The team of Twisted Tate and Facade would go on to gain the pin fall victory over Ruckus and Stockade.

10. Breaux Keller defeated Red Scorpion to retain the ACW Heavyweight Title. Or did he? The conclusion of this match ended with a little bit of controversy as the referee called the pin in favor of Breaux Keller while failing to see that the Red Scorpion’s foot was on the rope.

This prompted The ACW Commissioner to come out and try to sort everything out and came to the decision that although Scorpion's foot was on the rope that the referee's decision would stand and would give Red Scorpion another shot at the ACW Heavyweight Championship in a near future. The Commissioner then proceed to give Breaux was the new and improved ACW Heavyweight Championship Belt.


ACW Chaotic Behavior – Stevens, PA – June 10th 2017

1. LuFisto defeted "The Princess of Darkness" Kaci Dillon with an Oklahoma Roll after Kaci missed a second rope splash.

2. ACW Tag Team Champions Jason Gotti and Judas Gray retained their title against "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and "The Black Piranha" Havoc Shade when Gotti and Gray hit him with their Flap Jack DDT Combo Signature.l

3. Angie Skye won via Hard Goodbye against Egyptian Royalty Sahara Se7en.

4. Under the authority of special guest referee Johnny K. Mondo, Scotty Jeffreys surprised everyone when he was revealed as being the man under the mask at Sweet 17 and Rebel's tag team partner. Even more surprising was the fact that Pretty Fly showed up as a second partner to Rebel to take on his former teammates. Unfortunately for Rockin’ Rebel, this was only a ruse as Fly returned to his partners at the end of the match when Louis G. Rich hit Rebel with his “Wrestler of the Millennium” plaque for the 1-2-3. Adam Anthrax, Louis G. Rich, Bobby Kruger and Pretty Fly then attacked Jeffreys, Rebel and Mondo until Commissioner Lee Sweigart came out to stop the carnage. Louis G. Rich and Pretty Fly will have to face the wrath of Rockin’ Rebel as they will both take on him in an Anything Goes Fans Bring the Weapons Match. Scotty Jeffreys will face Bobby Kruger one-on-one.

5. Jon Dhamer was disqualified by referee Aubrey Rose against ACW Tri-State Champion Rob Noxious after using an object to hit Noxious on the head.

6. “The Rising Star” Rob Llyod retained his ACW Cruiserweight Championship against Robbie Illuminati with a spear.

7. “J-Ro” Jenny Rose had a successfully returned to Rogue Women Warriors by defeating Mary Lee Rose via spear.

8. “Hybrid” Sean Carr got the 1-2-3 over Twisted Tate by super kicking him in mid-air as Tate was attempting a second rope Axe Handle. After the match, Tate said something about “changing” but at this moment, no one is sure what he meant by that.

9. “The Child of the Damned” Sally retained her Rogue Dark Phase Championship against Tess Valentine when Valentine was distracted by none other than Gilette! Sally then hit her Fading Roses on Tess for the win. Gilette then put roses on top of “The First Real Mermaid”. It looks like there is now some sort of alliance between Sally and Gilette.

10. Breaux Keller is still your ACW Heavyweight Champion after pinning Robbie E with a Back Cracker. As the champion was celebrating, the Red Scorpion showed up and challenged him to put his title on the line next month at Summer Meltdown. Keller accepted.


ACW Sweet 17 – Stevens, PA – May 20th 2017

1. Rob Noxious defeated "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel to retain his ACW Tri-State Championship.

2. Tess Valentine was victorious over Rebecca Payne who was without Gilette via Fireman’s Carry Driver.

3. Old School, consisting of "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys, "The Historic" Judas Gray and Jason Gotti defeated the team of "The Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon, Emily and "The Wild One" Alex Cooper to become the No. 1 contenders to the ACW Tag Team Championships.

4. Stefany Sinclair won over Angie Skye with a Cross-Body Attack from the second rope.

5. The team of Rockin' Rebel and Johnny K. Mondo and their Manager Dan Marx defeated the team of Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger and "The Jersey Giant" Adam Anthrax in a Fan's Bring the Weapons Match.

Post-match: Pretty Fly, Kruger and Anthrax took their frustrations out on Rebel and Mondo until a mysterious masked man made the save which sent the three out of the ring. ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart came out and informed Pretty Fly that since he took the pin fall he would be suspended 60 days from ACW and that both Kruger and Anthrax would be fined $1000. This prompted Kruger and Anthrax to attack Pretty Fly until Rebel and Mondo chased them off.

6. "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd defeated Robbie Illuminati to become the new ACW Cruiserweight Champion. This match was supposed to be a Triple Threat Match but the Champion at the time, Hayne, could not be a part of the show. This gave ACW Management no other choice but to strip Hayne of the title. Rob Lloyd rose to the occasion and became the champ by defeating one of the toughest opponents he has faced here in ACW in Robbie Illuminati.

7. Sally retained the Rogue Dark Phase Championship after she was able to hit her Fading Roses after she blinded Kira with her black mist.

8. The Mighty Militia became the new ACW Tag Team Champions when they ended the reign of terror that Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa had forged for a long time as Champion's.

Post-Match: Dahmer and The Butcher made the Militia pay physically for defeating them. This prompted Old School members Judas Gray and Jason Gotti to take advantage and cash in their number one contendership for the tag titles on the spot. Judas Gray and Jason Gotti were able to quickly become your new ACW Tag Team Champions.

9. LuFisto was victorious via disqualification over Jazz when Stefany Sinclair jumped into the ring and hit LuFisto on the head with Jazz’s NWA Women’s Championship. A match without any rules between Sinclair and LuFisto has been set for June 10th.

10. Breaux Keller successfully defended his ACW Heavyweight Championship against Twisted Tate although some may call it a controversial victory. A video played on the Atomitron from "Hybrid" Sean Carr that distracted Twisted Tate just enough for Breaux to gain the victory.

Post-match: An obviously disgruntled Twisted Tate grabbed the mic and called on ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to not only give him a match with Sean Carr but to have Breaux Keller face "The Original Bro" Robbie E next month. Both of these matches will take place when we return to Stevens Fire Hall on June 10th for Chaotic Behavior.


ACW Time Bomb – Stevens, PA – April 8th 2017

1. Rebecca Payne and Azaelle with Gilette were victorious over Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Jawsolyn) when the Deity of Misery was able to hit her Hell's Bells wheelbarrow face buster on Jawsolyn.

2. Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger were disqualified when they used chloroform on Rockin’ Rebel with the help of Adam Anthrax. Former referee Dan Marx came to the rescue of his friend but was squashed in a corner by Kruger. Returning to ACW, Johnny K. Mondo then came to the rescue hitting everyone with a keyboard. A “Fans Bring the Weapons” featuring Rockin’ Rebel & Johnny K. Mondo w/ Dan against Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger and Adam Anthrax has been set for Sweet 17 on May 20th.

3. Brian Keisel surprised everyone when he pinned Judas Grey following a miscommunication between Gray and Jason Gotti. By winning this 3-way dance, Kiesel will now face Rob Noxious on May 20th for the ACW Twi-State Championship.

4. Angie Skye defeated newcomer Tess Valentine with the Hard Goodbye in a match where both ladies had the support of the crowd.

5. The dominant Tag Team Champions Jon Dahmer & “The Mad Butcher” Kanazawa were victorious over the Mighty Militia of Mike Mitchell and Johnny Moran.

6. Rogue Dark Phase Champion “The Child of the Damned” Sally retained against Delmi Exo with her her Fading Roses maneuver.

7. ACW Cruiserweight Champion Hayne remains undefeated in ladder matches after he was able to retrieve his championship from the ceiling of the Stevens Fire Hall. “The Rising Star” Rob Lloyd’s mom even got involved but might just have cost her son the championship.

8. Impact Wrestling Superstar Sienna was victorious over Stefany “The Striker” Sinclair. As Sinclair was trying to leave the fight, LuFisto came out to stop her. Stefany ran back to the ring where she was the victim of a stunner.

9. Rookie Breaux Keller shocked everyone in attendance when he became the new ACW Heavyweight Champion by defeating Robbie Illuminati, Louis G. Rich, Scotty Jeffreys, the returning Suicide Myers and Twisted Tate. After Keller super kicked Tate 3 times, he was knocked out by Jeffreys who was holding brass knuckles. Breaux fell on top of Tate as G. Rich pulled Scotty out of the ring and Illuminati and Myers were already fighting at ringside. A confused Breaux Keller celebrated his surprised victory who was short lived when Twisted Tate immediately challenged him to put his new title on the line on May 20th at Sweet 17.


ACW Nobody's Safe – Stevens, PA – March 4th 2017

1. In front of a standing room only crowd "Nobody's Safe" kicked off with a Last Survivor Match of Team Rebel vs. Team Fly. Team Rebel would go on to gain the victory in this match.

2. Pink Flash Kira pulled off what could be called an upset with her pin fall victory over "The Terradactyl" Terra Calaway following a Shinning Wizard.

3. ACW Cruiserweight Champion Hayne defeated Rob Lloyd with the use of some questionable tactics. Post-match, Rob Lloyd challenged Hayne to a Ladder Match for the ACW Cruiserweight Title at Time Bomb on April 8th.

4. Stefany Sinclair defeated LuFisto via count out. LuFisto attempted her Burning Hammer on Sinclair who was able to get outside the ring. The two fought at ringside until Stefany was able to send LuFisto’s head into a post before barely making it inside the ring for the 10 count.

5. ACW Tag Team Champions, Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa, who were prepared to defend their titles versus the debuting Mighty Militia, ended up having to defend against not only the Militia but the Old School of Scotty Jeffreys and Jason Gotti as well. Old School forced ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart's hand to add them to the match. Regardless of the match being turned into a Triple Threat Match, Dahmer and Zawa would retain their titles and continue their dominance over ACW Tag Team Division.

6. Jewells Malone defeated Rebecca Payne who was accompanied to the ring by Gilette by pin fall using the Crowned Jewells.

7. "The Lariat God" DJ Hyde was successful in his first ACW appearance by gaining the victory over Stockade in a match that went all over the ringside area.

8. The team of Twisted Tate and Oxx Hogg defeated the team of the extremely popular upstart Breaux Keller and the returning Jamie Senegal. Everyone witnessed some very interesting offense "go down" in this match.

9. Due to Angie Skye not being able to appear at "Nobody's Safe" to defend her Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Championship, she was stripped of the title and it was put up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match to determine a new champion. This match would see Sally gain the victory over Brittany Blake and Britt Baker to become the *NEW* ROGUE WOMEN WARRIORS DARK PHASE CHAMPION!

10. Due to ACW Heavyweight Champion Shatter and also his scheduled opponent CM Serenyi being unable to appear, an entirely new main event had to be put together. Three competitors, Laszlo Arpad, The Red Scorpion and Electrico, would face off to determine a new ACW Heavyweight Champion. These three men would have their opportunities spoiled when Oxx Hogg and Twisted Tate attacked all three men causing a no contest. Oxx Hogg demanded that he should have been given the title. This prompted ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to come to ringside and give Oxx Hogg his title shot. This title opportunity will take place at April's "Time Bomb" show in a Fatal Four Way Match including Shatter, CM Serenyi and a mystery opponent.



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