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ACW & Rogue Results 2016


ACW Sleazy Christmas – Stevens, PA – December 10th 2016

1. Pretty Fly defeated Jimmy Lyon with a Sliced Bread after his bodyguard Adam Anthrax hit Lyon in the back with the Tim Arson’s Memorial Battle plaque.

2. Nyla Rose was victorious over the dancing C-Bunny with the Beast Bomb. Rose then advanced to the Finals to crown the first-ever Rogue Champion.

3. The tag team champions (Jon Dahmer and “The Mad Butcher” Kanazawa) and Old School (Jason Gotti & Scotty Jeffreys) refused to give the fans the pleasure of us beating on each other and we walked out for a double count out.

4. “The Child of the Damned” Sally advanced to the Rogue Championship Finals when she defeated “The Hardcore Princess” Jewells Malone with her Fading Roses after she spat mist in her opponent’s eyes.

5. The match between Twisted Tate and Breaux Keller got abruptly interrupted when Jon Dahmer and Kanazawa showed up. Dahmer hit Keller with a chain before Butcher gave him a Choke Slam. Joey Ryan came to the rescue and asked Twisted Tate to pick a partner between Kanazawa and Dahmer to take on Breaux and himself in the main event of the night.

6. Angie Skye used her Hard Goodbye to get the victory over Azaelle and advance to the Rogue Championship Finals.

7. Rob Noxioux retained his ACW Tri-State Championship when Malcolm King tackled him through a chair. Rob rolled through to cover King with his feet on the ropes. This match known as “The Final Battle” had no rules.

8. LuFisto made Rebecca Payne tap out with a nasty arm bar despite the attempts of Gilette to get involved in the match, therefore advancing to the Rogue Championship Finals.

9. With Johnny Vicious not showing up at the event, ACW immediately stripped him of his title. Hayne, Canada’s Christian Doyle, Rob Lloyd and Brian Kiesel then faced in a 4-way dance to determine who would be the new ACW Cruiserweight Champion.  Hayne pinned Rob Lloyd with a Tiger Driver to become the new champion. Hayne then shocked everybody in attendance when, instead of showing sportsmanship to the fallen opponent, he gave the Rising Star Rob Lloyd a Package Piledriver.

10. Rockin’ Rebel took Judas Gray out with a huge clothesline before being able to hit Bobby Kruger with his leg drop to win this triple-threat battle.

11. Shatter continues his dominance as ACW Heavyweight champion as he was victorious over CM Serenyi via Spine Buster.

12. As Nyla Rose and LuFisto battled to the back, Angie Skye became the first-ever Rogue Dark Phase Champion when she defeated Sally using a corner Death Valley Driver on the buckles. Sally had previously kicked out of Skye’s hard Goodbye which had never been since at Rogue.

13. Joey Ryan and Breaux Keller were victorious over Jon Dahmer and Twisted Tate when Ryan flipped Tate using his powerful “dong”, put a lollipop in his mouth and hit his Sweet Tooth Music Superkick.


ACW November Coming Fire – Stevens, PA – November 5th 2016

1. Rob Noxious once again retained his ACW Tri-State championship by defeating Joey Blaze.

2. Rebecca Payne (w/ Gilette) defeated Angie Skye by DQ due to outside interference by Annie Social.

3. ACW Tag Team Champions, Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa, retained their titles in a Fatal Four Way Match that included the teams of Rockin' Rebel & Jimmy Lyon (w/ Big Frank), Old School's "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys & Jason Gotti and Bobby Kruger (w/ Adam Anthrax) and due to Pretty Fly not being able to arrive, "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel.

4. Delmi Exo with Jawsolyn the Friendly Shark defeated Azaelle when she reversed the Deity of Misery's wheelbarrow face buster into a sunset pin.

5. "The King of the Underground" Twisted Tate defeated fan favorite Breaux Keller by pinfall in a rematch from last month's show.

6. LuFisto was victorious against. Kaitlin Diemond when Diemond spit Sake in LuFisto's eye right in front of the referee.

7. ACW Heavyweight Champion, Shatter retained his title by defeating both CM Serenyi and Hayne in a Triple Threat Match.

8. Annie Social defeated Ashley Vox by pin fall with her split stunner. After the match, Social called out Angie Skye to beat down Vox but it retaliated as Skye turned around and knocked out Annie. Delmi Exo came quickly at ringside to check on Ashley and celebrate with Angie Skye and Jawsolyn.

9. Oxx Hogg defeated "The Historic" Judas Gray with his following a Belly to Belly Suplex.

10. "The Dog of War" Jesse Neal defeated ACW Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Vicious by pin fall following a Spear in a non-title match.


ACW Pandemonium – Stevens, PA – October 8th 2016

1. PANDEMONIUM 2016 opened with a 3- Way Dance for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship involving Rob Lloyd, the debuting Oliver Strange and the current titleholder, Johnny Vicious. This was a high impact opening bout that helped set the tone for the evening. Johnny Vicious won to remain the ACW Cruiserweight Champion.

2. Next up was the first ROGUE Women Warriors bout of the evening which saw Nyla Rose gain the victory over Rebecca Payne who was accompanied to the ring by her manager, Gilette.

3. The unlikely pairing of the "Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon and Rockin' Rebel taook on the team of Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger who were accompanied to the ring by the current holder of the Tim Arson/Zombie Battle Royal plaque in "The Jersey Giant" Adam Anthrax to determine who would get a title shot at the tag champs in November.

As expected this match was a brawl from start to finish. It would end in a double disqualification due to the simultaneous use of foreign objects by Kruger and Lyon. The question remains as to who will get the next opportunity to face the reigning ACW Tag Team Champions.

4. For the longest time the name Rob Noxious has been synonymous with the ACW Tri-State Championship. On this night it would be put to the test in the form of a Gauntlet Match for said title. Rob Noxious indeed overcame the odds to retain his Tri-State Title by defeating the likes of Mr. Ping, Stefon, Malcolm King and the masked, Joey Blaze.

5. LuFisto defeated Sally with the Burning Hammer.

6. After playing games with the crowd, making everyone think that Jason Gotti had changed his ways, Scotty Jeffreys defeated Gotti with the finger poke of doom. Revealing that Jeffreys and Gotti are now forming "Old School."

7. Over the last few months there have been numerous pairings and tag teams in ACW vying for a shot at the current ACW Tag Team Champions, Jon Dahmer and Kanazawa. To this point, no team has been able to unseat them. Saturday night proved no different.

Due to injury, Leo Sweet was unable to team with "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel in their rematch for the ACW Tag Team Championship. This prompted ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to announce that "The Historic" Judas Gray was going to team with Kiesel to go after the tag team titles. The champs of Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa proved to be too much for the challengers and continue their reign of terror as the ACW Tag Team Champions.

8. Twisted Tate defeated the debuting crowd favorite Breaux Keller.

9. Black Widow Eve defeated "The Angel of Death" Angie Skye with a handful of Angie's tights.

10. Cortez Castro defeated the returning Oxx Hogg by disqualification after Oxx hit Castro with a blatant low blow.

11. Angelina Love defeated "The Last Pure Athlete" Jordynne Grace with the Botox Injection.

12. Once again the ACW Heavyweight Championship match was interrupted by outside interference. This time it was CM Serenyi who attacked both competitors in an attempt to procure a title shot of his own. This has led ACW Heavyweight Champion Shatter to agree to defend his Title against not only Hayne, but also CM Serenyi in a Triple Treat Match on November 5th at ACW's November Coming Fire event in Stevens, PA.


ACW Fallout – Stevens, PA – September 10th 2016

1. In the first match of the evening, Ray Lyn defeated Vanity via Ray-Cray-O.

2. Mr. Ping answered Rob Noxious’s invitation at his Tri-State Championship. Unfortunately for him, Noxious retained once again.

3. Jimmy Lyon was successful in defeating Jason Gotti. Gotti attempted to hit Lyon with a stop sign but it backfired on him. Jimmy delivered his headlock driver for the win!

4. Shatter retained his ACW Heavyweight championship against Eddie Valentine, Hayne and the returning Nate Hatred when Shatter pinned Valentine following a lariat from Hatred. Hatred left the ring before even attempting a pin and let Shatter have the win. Shatter looked at Nate telling him he saw what had just happened.

5. LuFisto made the Black Widow Eve submit to “La Crucetta” leg lock.

6. Kanazawa & Dahmer retained their ACW Tag Team Championships against the New Party Animals, Brian Keisel and Leo Sweet with a press-slam spine-buster.

7. First unscheduled to appear, Adam Anthrax came out to the ring and challenged Big Frank to put his "Tim Arson Memorial Battle Royal" title on the line against him in a two-man battle royal style match. Anthrax was able to throw Frank out to regain his lost title.

8. Scotty Jeffreys was counted out against the Sandman after a devastating hit to the head with a Kendo stick.

9. "The Deity of Misery" Azaelle rolled up Solo Darling to be victorious in a 3-way dance match also involving the “Punk Rock Princess” Mary Lee Rose with the help of Gilette. With Rebecca Payne being absent due to medical reason, Gilette got involved in the match as she pulled Rose out of the match and threw powder in the face of the Sugar Creature to help Azaelle get the win.

10. With Jamie Senegal cancelling his presence less than a week before the event, Johnny Vicious joined Rob Lloyd and Dynamite Dillen in the 3-way dance for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship. Vicious immediately attacked Lloyd’s knee which would be beneficial to him in the end as, after a powerbomb from Dillen, he threw Dynamite outside the ring and applied a Texas Cloverleaf on Rob Lloyd. The champion tapped out and Johnny Vicious is your new ACW Cruiserweight Champion.

11. Angie Skye defeated Thunder Kitty by hitting her with her Hard Goodbye. A few moments after getting pinned, Kitty noticed a chain in a corner. Trying to get some revenged, she applied a sleeper hold to Skye and left her sleeping in the ring until security got her out.

12. In the main event of the night, the team of Bobby Kruger and Pretty Fly when Twisted Tate was pushed into Rebel and then rolled up for the pin fall. After, a very upset Tate punched Rebel which left the crowd speechless. Rebel mentioned that Tate was turning his back on all the ACW fans but Tate has yet to make a statement about his actions. Rockin’ Rebel however mentioned that at the next event Pandemonium taking place on October 8th, he wants Twisted Tate in a No Disqualification match.


ACW Critical Heat – Stevens, PA – August 27th 2016

Critical Heat kicked off with the Tim Arson/Zombie Memorial Battle Royal which witnessed Big Frank reclaim the Tim Arson/Zombie Memorial Battle Royal Plaque by last eliminating "The Jersey State Giant" Adam Anthrax.

ACW Commissioner, Lee Sweigart introduced The Special Guest Co-Commissioner for the night in WWE Hall of Famer, The Original Diva of Professional Wrestling, SUNNY!!!

In the opening Rogue Women Warriors Match of the night saw Missy defeat Rebecca Payne with the CheckMate after Rebecca Payne was pushed into her own Manager, Gilette who was standing on the apron.

Next up was a Scramble Match for Jamie Senegal's ACW Cruiserweight Title Match involving Johnny Vicious, Pretty Fly, "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd. Everyone in attendance witnessed the continuing rise of Rob Lloyd in ACW as he scored the win over Jamie Senegal to become the *NEW* ACW Cruiserweight Champion.

In a Rogue Women Warriors match, fan favorite Sweet Cherrie defeated the debuting Aria Cadenza with a Stunner.

In a Rogue Women Warriors Triple Threat Match pitting Nikki Addams versus Jordynne Grace and the debuting Layne Rosario. Nikki Addams gained the victory by pinning Layne Rosario.

The team of Rob Noxious, Stefon and Damien Destruction defeated the team of Mr. Ping, Malcolm King and "Mean" Mark Mest in a 6-Man Grudge Tag Team Match.

In another top notch Rogue Women Warriors Match "Princess Palm Strike" Kimber Lee defeated "The OG Doll" Vanity.

The ACW Heavyweight Title Match between Champion, Shatter and Hayne didn't see a winner thanks to the returning Eddie Valentine who attacked both men with a Kendo Stick. This prompted ACW Commissioner, Lee Sweigart to come to ringside to announce that on Saturday Night, September 10th in Stevens, PA that there will be a Fatal Four Way Match for the ACW Heavyweight Title that will see the Champion, Shatter defend his title versus Hayne, Eddie Valentine and a mystery 4th man, that Lee will choose himself.

ACW Tag Team Champion's, Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa defeated the team of Bobby Kruger and Jason Gotti to retain the titles in a hard hitting match.

In a Rogue Women Warriors match "The Angel of Death" Angie Skye defeated "The Boy Diva" Rick Cataldo.

In a wild match that was stipulated that if Twisted Tate lost he would need to retire. On the other hand if Scotty Jeffreys lost, Twisted Tate would choose Jeffreys' opponents for him for the rest of 2016. Twisted Tate was the victor in this battle. The match itself had to be restarted twice. Once by ACW Commissioner, Lee Sweigart and again by Co-Commissioner, Sunny. Post match Twisted Tate announced that on September 10th, Scotty Jeffreys will face former TNA Wrestling Star, Jesse Neal.

In the Rogue Women Warriors Main Event which was a Grudge Match fought with Absolutely No Rules pitting LuFisto versus Annie Social. These two women took it to each other in one hell of a hard hitting match. LuFisto would gain the pinfall victory after hitting Social with the "One-Woman Conchairto".

In the ACW Main Event Match the team of Rockin' Rebel and TNA Wrestling Star, Robbie E defeated the team of Judas Gray, BJ Walker and CM Serenyi in a 3-2 Handicap Match.

Atomic Championship Wrestling and Rogue Women Warriors would like to thank all of our fans for their continued support and look forward to seeing all of you again on Saturday Night, September 10th in Stevens, PA.


ACW Summer Meltdown – Stevens, PA – July 9th 2016

Preliminary Fight - Adam Anthrax won The Tim Arson/ Zombie Memorial Battle Royal.

1. Bobby Kruger defeated "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel via pinfall.

2. Mr. Ping and Malcolm King with "Mean" Mark Mest defeated the team of Stefon and Rob Noxious thanks once again due to the interference of Mark Mest.

2. Jenny Rose defeated Jordynne Grace in a highly competitive match.

3. Shatter defeated Ruckus to become the *NEW* ACW Heavyweight Champion. The victory didn't come easily for Shatter who not only had to combat Ruckus in the ring but deal with the presence of Robby Illuminati and Larry Legend at ringside.

4. Rebecca Payne with Gilette defeated Solo Darling in a First Apple Standing Match. Thanks to Gilette switching apples and Solo Darling bitting into that apple that rendered her unable to return to the ring. Solo Darling literally had to be carried to the back after the match.

5. Laszlo Arpad defeated Rockin' Rebel. Laszlo was not satisfied with just winning the match. He wanted to embarrass Rebel which led Arpad to attack a referee and desecrating the American Flag. This prompted "ACW Commissioner" Max Tempest to come at ringside and suspend Laszlo until September for his actions. Rebel did get some sort ofrevenge as well before Laszlo escaped. Rebel announced a match for September pitting himself versus The Hungarian Hero where the loser will have to raise the winner's respective flag.

6, "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd defeated "The Historic" Judas Gray in a Texas Bull-rope Match to become the *NEW* ACW Interstate Champion.

7. ACW Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Senegal retained his title in a Scramble Match that included Pretty Fly, Hayne and Johnny Vicious.

8. "Princess" Kimber Lee defeated "The Terradactyl" Terra Callaway in another highly competitive match.

9. The ACW Tag Team Champion's of Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa defeated the team of Jimmy Lyon and Eric Martin to retain their titles. The champions are on a roll defeating any team put in front of them. Is there any team out there that can unseat the champs?

10. Annie Social defeated Veda Scott. Another top notch match delivered by these two women, even if it was a match won by questionable tactics from Annie Social.

11. The team of Ed House and Scotty Jeffreys defeated the team of Twisted Tate and Stockade. This match was officiated by former ECW Triple Crown Champion, Mikey Whipwreck. The Scotty Jeffreys and Twisted Tate feud is heating up which has now pushed Twisted Tate to announce that if he cannot beat Jeffreys next time, he will retire.


ACW Chaotic Behavior – Stevens, PA – June 11th 2016

Preliminary Fight No.1 - "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd won a Scramble Match that included "The Icon" BJ Walker, Pretty Fly and Leo Sweet

Preliminary Fight No.2 - In a hard fought match that could have went to either competitor saw Jamie Senegal become the *NEW* ACW Cruiserweight Champion by defeating Stefon.

Preliminary Fight No.3 - The team of Mr. Ping and Malcolm King defeated the team of Damian Destruction and Rob Noxious thanks to the outside interference of "Mean" Mark Mest.

1. Rebecca Payne defeated Jenny Rose with a handful of tights and interference from her manager, Gilette. Post match, J-Ro exacted some revenge by knocking out Gilette for her actions.

2. The singles grudge match between "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and "The Death Dealer" Bobby Kruger went to a double count out.

3. Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa retained their ACW Tag Team Titles by defeating The M.O.B. of Jason Gotti and Ace Klopenza. This match was fought under "Butcher's Rules."

4. Pink Flash Kira defeated Azaelle in a singles match.

5. Rockin' Rebel defeated "The Hungarian Hero" Laszlo Arpad in a singles match.

6. In a match, that appeared to have been won by Angie Skye over Maya Musacchio saw that decision reversed when it was discovered that Angie Skye used a foreign object to gain the initial victory. The referee had no other choice but to give the victory via DQ to Maya Musacchio.

7. Twisted Tate's match with Old School's, "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys was cut short due to Doctor's Stoppage. Due to an injury sustained by Twisted Tate, that would not allow him to continue in the match. Due to this ACW Commissioner, Max Tempest came to ringside to announce that if Twisted Tate, is medically cleared to compete on July 9th that he and Jeffreys need to find partners respectively to compete in a tag team match that can only be won by Pinfall or Submission.

Max Tempest and Shatter addressed certain things going on with the local wrestling scene. Shatter said, that if Twisted Tate needs a partner, he will be there on July 9th in Stevens, PA.

8. Veda Scott defeated the debuting, Sally in a singles match.

9. ACW Heavyweight Champion, Ruckus defeated Brandon Scott in a highly competitive match to retain the title.

10. In the main event, the team of LuFisto and Awesome Kong defeated Annie Social and her partner Mickie "Moose" Knuckles. Awesome Kong gained the pinfall for her team over Mickie Knuckles as LuFisto and Social fought each other to the back.


ACW Sweet 16 – Stevens, PA – May 14th 2016

Preliminary Fight No.1 - Big Frank won The Tim "Zombie" Arson Memorial Battle Royal.

Preliminary Fight No.2 - In a Non-Title Tag Team Match ACW Tag Team Champions, Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa defeated The Party Animals of Brian Kiesel and Bobby Kruger who were at odds with each other during the entire match.

Preliminary Fight No.3 - ACW Cruiserweight Champion, Stefon defeated Jamie Senegal, Suicide Myers and Pretty Fly in a very competitive matchup to retain his title.

1. In a tag team match that pitted ACW Tri-State Champion, Rob Noxious and Mark Mest versus the team of Mr. Ping and Malcolm King ended in a no contest when Mark Mest turned on Rob Noxious and hit him with the Flaming Heart Punch.

2. Rebecca Payne was victorious by pinning Maya Musacchio after Missy had delivered her "Checkmate Flatliner" and got thrown out of the ring by Payne who then covered Musacchio while Gilette was holding on to Missy.

3. ACW Interstate Champion, "The Historic" Judas Gray defeated fan favorite "Rising Star" Rob Lloyd to retain his title.

4. CM Serenyi was victorious over Hayne in his return match.

5. Solo Darling used sugar rushed her way to victory over Savannah Evans.

Oxx Hogg relinquished the ACW Heavyweight Title to the newly appointed ACW Commissioner, Max Tempest due to injury. An emotional Oxx Hogg also announced that he will be taking time off to recover from his injuries. His return to ACW is not known at this time.

6. Rockin' Rebel defeated newcomer Louis G. Rich.

7. "The Sriker" Stefany Sinclair made Jenny Rose tap out with a Meta Submission.

8. G-Raver defeated Lance Anoa'i by DQ thanks to the unwarranted interference of "The Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon who took out G-Raver with a stop sign.

9. Annie Social quickly pinned Sweet Cherrie using by pulling her tights in a tag team battle also involving Angie Skye and LuFIsto. However, the match would be restarted again by ACW Commissioner, Max Tempest who had witness what happened and declare the match to be a No DQ, No Count Out fight. In the end, LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie were victorious when LuFisto pinned Skye via Mangalizer.

Following the loss, Annie Social immediately grabbed the microphone and mentioned it was time for her to give her girl Skye a break and bring someone that could finally help her get rid of LuFisto, someone LuFisto knew well in former TNA Knockout and also a Queen of the Death Matches in Mickie Knuckles. Little did Annie know that LuFisto had a big surprise of her own, a big and AWESOME surprise for her…. And then, the Stevens Fire Hall heard and saw on the big screen that none other than former WWE Superstar and two-time TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong would step into the ACW ring on June 11th as LuFisto’s tag team partner.

10. Ruckus replacing the injured Oxx Hogg as Twisted Tate's partner in the Main Event versus "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys and the newest Member of Old School, "The Icon" BJ Walker became the "NEW" ACW Heavyweight Champion by recording the pinfall in the match that was stipulated that the man to record the pinfall would win the Title.


ACW Time Bomb – Stevens, PA – April 2nd 2016

Preliminary Fight - Pretty Fly, Xavier Ryder, CM Serenyi defeated Jimmy Lyon, Big Frank, Jamie Senegal when Pretty Fly Frog Splashed Jamie Senegal.

1. Jenny Rose defeated Black Widow Eve via a spear roll up combo

2. Maria Manic surprised Rebecca Payne for the win

3. Annie Social defeated Nikki Addams with her Split Stunner. After the match, Social and Angie Skye, who both beat her in singles action, challenged LuFisto who was absent to a tag team match next month.

4. Terra Calaway cheated her way to the victory versus Nyla Rose. The very angry Native Beast already asked for a rematch.

5. Angie Skye defeated Gabby Gilbert via Hard Goodbye.

6. Once again, Rob Lloyd upset Judas Gray via crucifix pin

7. Rob Noxious was victorious over Mr. Ping

8. Stefon became the ACW Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Suicide Myers via quick roll-up.

9. Butcher and Dahmer retained their ACW Tag Team Championship by pinning Brian Keisel after Bobby Kruger hit his own partner.

5. Pepper Parks was victorious via Pepper Shaker Neck Breaker over Nick Berk

10. Oxx Hogg versus Ed House ended up in a disqualification when Scotty Jeffreys interfered in the match. As both House and Jeffreys were beating down the ACW Heavyweight champion, Twisted Tate showed up. A tag match was then officialised only to end up once again in a double DQ by double low blow right in front of the referee. After a year of absence, Hayne showed up to attack House and Jeffreys and told them he was back to step in an ACW ring again and that on May 14th, he would take on one of them.


ACW Nobody's Safe – Stevens, PA - March 12th 2016

Preliminary Fight – Pretty Fly was victorious in the Tim Arson Memorial Battle Royal when he threw Big Frank over the top rope. Former champion Mark Mest was attacked before he could event get to the ring by Malcolm King.

1. The “Last Pure Athlete” Jordynne Grace defeated “The Punk Rock Princess” Mary Lee Rose with the “Fall from Grace” Powerbomb.

2. The Black Widow Eve got the best of Maya Morrison via Package Piledriver.

3. Rebecca Payne was victorious with a roll-up with a hand full of tights over Pink Flash Kira after Gilette pulled Kira’s leg, preventing her from scoring the victory earlier in the match.

4. By pushing herself on top of LuFisto using the ropes and trapping her opponent underneath, Angie Skye scored an upset victory over the veteran.

5. Jessicka Havok was victorious over Kimber Lee via Stretch Muffler in a very physical match. Both shook hands as a sign of respect after the fight.

6. ACW Tri-State Champion, Rob Noxious defeated "The Icon" BJ Walker by Disqualification in a non-title match.

7. Stefon Ramon won a Scramble Ladder Match that included "The Historic" Judas Gray, "The Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon, Mr. Ping, Jamie Senegal and "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys to become the #1 contender to the ACW Cruiserweight Title.

8. ACW Tag Team Champion's, Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa retained their titles by defeating the team of J Money and "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel. The M.O.B. made their presence felt  during the end of the match. It may be only a matter of time till The M.O.B. and the Tag Champs collide.

9. The team of Rockin' Rebel and Twisted Tate defeated the team of "The Bulldog" James Dylan who made his return to ACW substituting for an absent CM Serenyi and his partner, Suicide Myers.

10. ACW Heavyweight Champion, "The Human Cyborg" Oxx Hogg with Max Tempest defeated Ed House by pinfall to retain the Title. Former Heavyweight Champion, Scotty Jeffreys tried to assist Ed House to victory but that proved to be unsuccessful.  Post match, Ed House attacked Oxx Hogg and tried to leave with the title. After a verbal confrontation with Max Tempest, House, threw the title into the ring and left letting everyone know that this fight is far from over.


ACW My Bloody Valentine – Reading, PA - February 19th 2016

1. The "Sugar-Fueled Seductress" Solo Darling defeated “The Terradactyl” Terra Calaway via roll-up.

2. “The Angel of Death” Angie Skye pinned Jenny Rose following her Hard Goodbye Unprettier.

3. Veda Scott was victorious over “The Crimson Queen” Rebecca Payne after Payne’s manager Gilette’s interference backfired on the tandem.

4. Annie Social defeated “The Wounded Own Ronin” LuFisto after the referee was accidentally pushed outside of the ring and gave Angie Skye the opportunity to interfere in the match and deliver her Hard Goodbye Unprettier on LuFisto and put Social on top for the three count.

5. “Princess” Kimber Lee pinned the “Last Pure Athlete” Jordynne Grace in a must-see match.

6. The Veteran leadership of Jon Dahmer and the pure size of The Mad Butcher proved to be too much for The Party Animals to overcome and became the new ACW Tag Team Champions.

7. "The Historic" Judas Gray defeated "Mr. XFL" Jimmy Lyon by DQ.

8. The Legends of Wrestling in Reading of "The Maniac" Jimmy Deo and The Intimidators of Mark and Troy Mest defeated the team of Pretty Fly, CJ Cruz and Tyler Ash in a six man tag team match.

9. That Eighties Team defeated MOB to become the No.1 Tag Team contenders.

10. Twisted Tate and Rockin’ Rebel were the only survivors of the Extreme Rules Handicap Match between The Vets (Shatter, Rob Noxious, Malcolm King, Tate and Rebel) Vs the team of CM Serenyi, Jamie Senegal, Suicide Myers, Big Frank, Stefon, Xavier Rider, BJ Walker and Mr. Ping when Myers and Serenyi were both counted out at the same time. Rockin’ Rebel then challenged both of them to a No DQ, No Countdown Tag Team match at the next event against Twisted Tate and himself. Myers and Seneryi accepted the challenge!

11. In a tables match that went all over the Reverb that ended with Scotty Jeffreys going through a table, Oxx Hogg became NEW ACW Heavyweight Champion! While the "Human Cyborg" was in the ring celebrating his hard fought victory a mystery man who would later be identified to be Ed House attacked Oxx with a steel chair until it was broken up by Reverb security and Ed House removed from the building. Oxx Hogg recovered from the attack enough to address the matter and lay down a challenge to Ed House to show up on March 12th in Stevens, PA to face him.



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