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ACW Conquer or Die… Or Let’s Try This Again – Reading, PA – April 28th 2018

1. Team Klopenza (Shain Klopenza, Rockin’ Rebel, Rob Noxious & Scooty Jeffreys) defeated Team Gotti (Jason Gotti, Bobby Kruger, Mr. Ping & Suicide Myers) when Shain and his team were able to isolate Bobby Kruger. Kruger was the victim of Klopenza’s DDT for the win.

2. “The Mad Butcher” Kanazawa finally had his revenge over the All Mighty Reverend Ace Dallas by hitting him with his Choke Slam and get the 1-2-3.

3. With the help of Gilette blinding her opponent with a spray, Londyn Ali was victorious over newcomer Riley Shepard using an Inverted overdrive.

4. Jamie Senegal is still your ACW Cruiserweight champion after Brian Kiesel shocked the crowd in attendance by hitting his own partner Prince Piranha and putting Senegal on top of hit for the three count in a 4-way that also included Pretty Fly. Jamie then challenged former WWE Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann to fight him on May 19th.

5. As referee Aubrey Rose was distracted, it took a low blow and feet on the ropes for Killhart to beat Breaux Keller. Seeing what happened, Commissioner Lee Sweigart came out to confirm that there will be another match between Killhart and Keller on May 19th… And the stakes will be high as the winner will receive an open contract to get an ACW Heavyweight Championship match whenever he wants.

6. In a very exciting and hard hitting match, Colby Corino defeated Dylan Bostic with a modified Alabama Slam into the corner.

7. With an unexpected Jenny Rose adding herself to the Rogue Championship Match and Kaci Dillon replacing the missing Rebecca Payne, “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash became the newly crown champion! With Jenny Rose out from Kaci Dillon’s Choke Bomb, Tess Valentine then surprised Dillon with her Mermaid Driver but was then pushed outside the ring by Ray Lyn who was then drop kicked outside the ring by Tash. The little superhero then capitalized on Dillon still suffering the effects of Tess’ driver to cover her for the 1-2-3.

Commissioner Sweigart came out to present her the new Rogue World Champion belt also known as the Harry Melligner Memorial Championship in honor of our friend Harry who passed away a few weeks ago. Being the greatest women’s wrestling fan, Harry helped Rogue become a reality and it was only fair that his name be on the championship in his honor. Thank you Harry for the love and believing in all the women wrestlers and Rogue Women Warriors.

As a sign of respect, Jenny Rose wrapped the belt around Trixie’s waist but also let her know that she was coming for the title.

8. Utamaro was victorious over Twisted Tate via Shinning Wizard.

9. It took a German suplex unto chairs, her One-Woman Conchairto and a Burning Hammer on top of chairs for LuFisto to defeat Joshi Legend Mima Shimoda.

10. With a second rope Code Breaker, Louis G. Rich successfully defended his ACW Heavyweight Championship against “The Rising Star” Rob Lloyd.

11. By defeating Façade with a standing Canadian Destroyer, Teddy Hart became the new No. 1 Contender for the ACW Heavyweight Championship! On May 19, Louis G. Rich will defend his championship against Hart!



ACW Caturday Night Wrestling – Stevens, PA – March 3rd 2018

Guest commissioner Dan Marx came out at the beginning of the show and asked the crowd to watch the video monitor. Appearing was Facade who mentioned that he badly injured his ankle (also showing the bruised bone) and that he could not compete tonight. Mike Orlando was presented to the crowd as a very suitable replacement. He mentioned that it was an honour for him to compete in Stevens against such as great opponent as Teddy Hart. Hart came out to address the crowd and promised an amazing match.

1. Jamie Senegal retained his ACW Cruiserweight Championship against Brian Kiesel and Prince Piranha after Kiesel accidentally hit his partner.

2. The match between “The Mad Butcher” Kanazawa never really started as he violently attacked Ace Dallas right away until acting guest commissioner Dan Marx begged him not to use a fork on his adversary. After a few minutes on the match, Dallas finally got up and asked for another match at the Reverb Nightclub on April 28th… And he promised the Butcher that “he would make him pray!”

3. Brittany Blake was victorious over “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash via her Bad Omen submission.

4. In what was known as the “F****ed Up F’n Gauntlet”, which started with three competitors in the ring, Bobby Kruger eliminated Adam Anthrax; Kruger was eliminated by Scotty Jeffreys who was then eliminated by Jon Dahmer. In the end, it would be Dahmer Vs Mr. Ping with the “Werewolf of Westville” Dahmer getting the 1-2-3 with his devastating Move of a Thousand Maniacs.

5. Breaux Keller gave the fans the unfortunate news that he could not compete due to a foot injury. Having no sympathy at all, Killhart attacked Keller anyway. Twisted Tate came to the rescue and offered to take on Killhart instead. In the end, Twisted Tate was victorious with a Shinning Wizard after Killhart was distracted by Breaux at ringside.

6. LuFisto was first scheduled to face Vanity in singles competition but as soon as the Wounded Owl came out of the locker room, Adira attacked her. In the ring, both Vanity and Adira were kicking LuFisto until Allie Recks came to the rescue. The match then turned into a tag team fight. As Vanity and LuFisto were argueing outside with a chair and that referee Aubrey Rose was busy with them, Adira used her chain to knock out Allie Recks. Vanity and LuFisto kept on fighting at ringside when Adira got the 1-2-3 over Recks to secure the victory for her team.

7. In a special Chikara presentation The Proteus Wheel (Volgar, Callux & Frantik) was victorious over the team of Solo Darling, Green Ant and Thief Ant.

8. Stockade got the best of Suicide Myers with a DDT.

9. Jason Gotti was crowned the ACW Tri-State Champion for the second time when he defeated former partner Shain “Ace” Klopenza after he was able to low blow Klopenza while he kept the referee in a corner.

10. Rogue Dark Phase Champion “The Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine made “The Crimson Queen” Rebecca Payne tap to keep her championship. Gilette was nowhere to be found…

11. We thought for a second that we had a new ACW Heavyweight Champion in Rob Lloyd but that was short lived. Lloyd accidentally speared referee Aubrey Rose and, as Rose was still down, Hayne came out to help Louis G. Rich, which retaliated when Rob big booted Hayne to the outside instead and then which spear Rich and go for the cover. Referee Carlucci came out to make the three-count… But then Aubrey Rose got slowly up and started to argue with Carlucci… Being the referee in charge, he reversed the decision and disqualified “The Rising Star” Rob Lloyd for spearing him! Rose is now probably the most hated man in ACW…

12. In a spectacular and fantastic match that had the fans on their feet, Teddy Hart defeated “The Green Machine” Mike Orlando after jumping and standing on the back of his opponent and delivering a Code Red for the 3 count. The crowd asked both man to return to ACW with a much deserved standing ovation.



ACW Death of Seasons – Reading, PA – February 9th 2018

The show started with Rockin’ Rebel coming out to give the fans the unfortunate news that Commissioner Lee Sweigart would be out for some time because of an injury and that he would act as interim commissioner for the time being. He also mentioned that Sean Carr would not be able to make it so Breaux Keller would get his rematch against Louis G. Rich one-on-one with Steve Killhart being handcuffed at ring side. Rebel then announced the battle royal…

1. As the last two men standing in the battle royal would get into a match, the “Rising Star” Rob Lloyd pinned Mr. Ping to be declared the winner. As a price, Lloyd could choose to get a title shot of his choosing.

2. “The Tenacious” Trixie Tash was victorious over Londyn Ali. During the match, Gilette removed Tash’s masks and as Ali and Gilette were making fun of her, the two of them butted head with Trixie pushed Londyn into her manager and rolled up her opponent for the win.

3. Ace Dallas was first declared victorious against “The Mad Butcher” Kanazawa until referee Aubrey Rose realized that he had a cloth soaked with chloroform. The decision was reversed and Kanazawa was declared victorious via DQ.

4. In what became a casket match, Cremator got revenge over Troy Mest when he chokeslamed Mest into the casket and closed the lid.

5. LuFisto defeated Gemma Cross via Burning Hammer with only one arm after cross damaged the Wounded Owl’s arm for most of the fight.

6. Jamie Senegal became the new ACW Cruiserweight champion at Death of Season. Tordis Yvla and Hayne tried to use brass-knuckles on the Punk Rock Kween but were surprised by Rob Lloyd who came to the help of Senegal and speared Hayne before Jamie flew from the second rope with a stomp for the 3 count!

7. After battling all over the Reverb Nightclub, Twisted Tate defeated Suicide Myers with a Superkick and Second Rope Elbow combo. Tate then gave props to Myers for giving him one hell of a fight.

8. “La Mera Mera” Thunder Rosa defeated “The Queen of Twerk” Ray Lyn with a Reverse Piledriver.

9. Rob Noxious and Shain “Ace” Klopenza were counted out as they were fighting at ringside. Jason Gotti then attacked Klopenza which led Commissioner Rockin’ Rebel to come out. He gave Gotti his rematch on March 3rd but promised Noxious that he was still a contender and would have another shot at the ACW Tri-State Championship.

10. “The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine retained her Rogue Championship over Jessicka Havok with an Inziguri and Fisherman Buster combo! Being a great competitor, Jessicka Havok shook the champion’s hand before leaving. As Tess was celebrating, Rebecca Payne returned and attacked the Rogue Champion. Havok came back to Tess’ rescue but Payne had already done the damage and asked to get a shot at the Rogue Championship on March 3rd in Stevens, PA.

11. Killhart was able to break the handcuffs and guillotine Breaux Keller before ACW Heavyweight Champion Louis G. Rich delivered his lung blower for the 1-2-3. After the match, the winner of the Battle Royal Rob Lloyd showed up and told Rich he had eyes on his Heavyweight Championship and was ready to face him at Caturday Night Wrestling on March 3rd!


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