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ACW & Rogue Results


ACW Summer Meltdown – Stevens, PA – July 15th 2017

1.The ACW Tag Team Champions, Judas Gray and Jason Gotti, kicked off "Summer Meltdown" by defending their titles against the team of "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and Prince Piranha. This match was full of fast paced, back and forth action that got the crowd pumped up rigyht from the beginning of the show. In the end, Gray and Gotti proved to be too much for Kiesel and Piranha as they retained their Tag Team Championships by pin fall.

2. “The Crimson Queen” Rebecca Payne defeated Nikki Addams with a roll-up holding her pants after Gilette had successfully distracted Addams long enough for Payne to capitalize.

3. The team of Louis G. Rich & Pretty Fly defeated Rockin' Rebel in a "Fans Bring the Weapons Handicap Match" thanks to the distraction of Bobby Kruger who was at ringside. Post-match: Scotty Jeffreys made the save by chasing Rich, Fly and Bobby from the ring.

4. “The First Real Mermaid” Tess Valentine was impressively victorious over the powerful Aria Cadenza as she was able to pick up her larger opponent on her shoulder to deliver her Fireman’s Carry Driver for the three count.

5. Scotty Jeffreys defeated Bobby Kruger when Kruger's chair shot backfired and end up hitting himself which Jeffreys capitalized upon for the victory. After the match, Rich, Fly and Bobby attacked Jeffreys. Rockin' Rebel came to Jeffrey’s aid this time. This prompted Rockin' Rebel and Scotty Jeffreys to challenge the team of Louis G. Rich, Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger to a "3 on 2 Anything Goes Handicap Match" at the next event. The match was granted to Rebel and Jeffreys by ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart.

6. Angie Skye defeated Willow Nightingale with a vicious running Yakusa Kick to the face in a very competitive match.

7. ACW Tri-State Champion Rob Noxious and ACW Cruiserweight Champion Rob Lloyd defeated the team of Jon Dahmer and Robbie Illuminati by pin fall after a spear by Lloyd followed up with the frog splash by Noxious on Dahmer. Towards the end, there seemed to be some tension between Dahmer and Illuminati.

8. As Pink Flash Kira was waiting for champions Sally to come out, Gilette came out by herself and the championship. Gilette doesn’t know where Sally is as she has “disappeared”.  Gilette mentions that she has found herself a new champion and introduces Hellen Vale. Commissioner Lee Sweigart doesn’t agree with Gilette’s decision and says that if Sally is not here to compete, the title will have to be on the line anyway. He grants a match between Hellen Vale and Pink Flash Kira for the Rogue Championship.

As Gilette attempts to interfere using the championship belt, the “Tenacious” Trixie Tash comes to the rescue and knocks out the manager.  Pink Flash Kira is your new Rogue Dark Phase Champion after being able to hit her Air Raid Crash on Vale. Kira then celebrates with her new side kick Trixie Tash!

9. Ruckus and Stockade jumped Facade when it appeared that his partner no showed. This prompted the ACW Commissioner to come out and try to instill some order and introduce Twisted Tate as Facade's partner. The team of Twisted Tate and Facade would go on to gain the pin fall victory over Ruckus and Stockade.

10. Breaux Keller defeated Red Scorpion to retain the ACW Heavyweight Title. Or did he? The conclusion of this match ended with a little bit of controversy as the referee called the pin in favor of Breaux Keller while failing to see that the Red Scorpion’s foot was on the rope.

This prompted The ACW Commissioner to come out and try to sort everything out and came to the decision that although Scorpion's foot was on the rope that the referee's decision would stand and would give Red Scorpion another shot at the ACW Heavyweight Championship in a near future. The Commissioner then proceed to give Breaux was the new and improved ACW Heavyweight Championship Belt.



ACW Chaotic Behavior – Stevens, PA – June 10th 2017

1. LuFisto defeted "The Princess of Darkness" Kaci Dillon with an Oklahoma Roll after Kaci missed a second rope splash.

2. ACW Tag Team Champions Jason Gotti and Judas Gray retained their title against "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and "The Black Piranha" Havoc Shade when Gotti and Gray hit him with their Flap Jack DDT Combo Signature.l

3. Angie Skye won via Hard Goodbye against Egyptian Royalty Sahara Se7en.

4. Under the autority of special guest referee Johnny K. Mondo, Scotty Jeffreyssurprised everyone when he was revealed as being the man under the mask at Sweet 17 and Rebel's tag team partner. Even more surprising was the fact that Pretty Fly showed up as a second partner to Rebel to take on his former teammates.

4. Under the authority of special guest referee Johnny K. Mondo, Scotty Jeffreys surprised everyone when he was revealed as being the man under the mask at Sweet 17 and Rebel's tag team partner. Even more surprising was the fact that Pretty Fly showed up as a second partner to Rebel to take on his former teammates. Unfortunately for Rockin’ Rebel, this was only a ruse as Fly returned to his partners at the end of the match when Louis G. Rich hit Rebel with his “Wrestler of the Millennium” plaque for the 1-2-3. Adam Anthrax, Louis G. Rich, Bobby Kruger and Pretty Fly then attacked Jeffreys, Rebel and Mondo until Commissioner Lee Sweigart came out to stop the carnage. Louis G. Rich and Pretty Fly will have to face the wrath of Rockin’ Rebel as they will both take on him in an Anything Goes Fans Bring the Weapons Match. Scotty Jeffreys will face Bobby Kruger one-on-one.

5. Jon Dhamer was disqualified by referee Aubrey Rose against ACW Tri-State Champion Rob Noxious after using an object to hit Noxious on the head.

6. “The Rising Star” Rob Llyod retained his ACW Cruiserweight Championship against Robbie Illuminati with a spear.

7. “J-Ro” Jenny Rose had a successfully returned to Rogue Women Warriors by defeating Mary Lee Rose via spear.

8. “Hybrid” Sean Carr got the 1-2-3 over Twisted Tate by super kicking him in mid-air as Tate was attempting a second rope Axe Handle. After the match, Tate said something about “changing” but at this moment, no one is sure what he meant by that.

9. “The Child of the Damned” Sally retained her Rogue Dark Phase Championship against Tess Valentine when Valentine was distracted by none other than Gilette! Sally then hit her Fading Roses on Tess for the win. Gilette then put roses on top of “The First Real Mermaid”. It looks like there is now some sort of alliance between Sally and Gilette.

10. Breaux Keller is still your ACW Heavyweight Champion after pinning Robbie E with a Back Cracker. As the champion was celebrating, the Red Scorpion showed up and challenged him to put his title on the line next month at Summer Meltdown. Keller accepted.



ACW Sweet 17 – Stevens, PA – May 20th 2017

1. Rob Noxious defeated "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel to retain his ACW Tri-State Championship.

2. Tess Valentine was victorious over Rebecca Payne who was without Gilette via Fireman’s Carry Driver.

3. Old School, consisting of "Hot Shot" Scotty Jeffreys, "The Historic" Judas Gray and Jason Gotti defeated the team of "The Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon, Emily and "The Wild One" Alex Cooper to become the No. 1 contenders to the ACW Tag Team Championships.

4. Stefany Sinclair won over Angie Skye with a Cross-Body Attack from the second rope.

5. The team of Rockin' Rebel and Johnny K. Mondo and their Manager Dan Marx defeated the team of Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger and "The Jersey Giant" Adam Anthrax in a Fan's Bring the Weapons Match.

Post-match: Pretty Fly, Kruger and Anthrax took their frustrations out on Rebel and Mondo until a mysterious masked man made the save which sent the three out of the ring. ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart came out and informed Pretty Fly that since he took the pin fall he would be suspended 60 days from ACW and that both Kruger and Anthrax would be fined $1000. This prompted Kruger and Anthrax to attack Pretty Fly until Rebel and Mondo chased them off.

6. "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd defeated Robbie Illuminati to become the new ACW Cruiserweight Champion. This match was supposed to be a Triple Threat Match but the Champion at the time, Hayne, could not be a part of the show. This gave ACW Management no other choice but to strip Hayne of the title. Rob Lloyd rose to the occasion and became the champ by defeating one of the toughest opponents he has faced here in ACW in Robbie Illuminati.

7. Sally retained the Rogue Dark Phase Championship after she was able to hit her Fading Roses after she blinded Kira with her black mist.

8. The Mighty Militia became the new ACW Tag Team Champions when they ended the reign of terror that Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa had forged for a long time as Champion's.

Post-Match: Dahmer and The Butcher made the Militia pay physically for defeating them. This prompted Old School members Judas Gray and Jason Gotti to take advantage and cash in their number one contendership for the tag titles on the spot. Judas Gray and Jason Gotti were able to quickly become your new ACW Tag Team Champions.

9. LuFisto was victorious via disqualification over Jazz when Stefany Sinclair jumped into the ring and hit LuFisto on the head with Jazz’s NWA Women’s Championship. A match without any rules between Sinclair and LuFisto has been set for June 10th.

10. Breaux Keller successfully defended his ACW Heavyweight Championship against Twisted Tate although some may call it a controversial victory. A video played on the Atomitron from "Hybrid" Sean Carr that distracted Twisted Tate just enough for Breaux to gain the victory.

Post-match: An obviously disgruntled Twisted Tate grabbed the mic and called on ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to not only give him a match with Sean Carr but to have Breaux Keller face "The Original Bro" Robbie E next month. Both of these matches will take place when we return to Stevens Fire Hall on June 10th for Chaotic Behavior.



ACW Time Bomb – Stevens, PA – April 8th 2017

1. Rebecca Payne and Azaelle with Gilette were victorious over Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox and Jawsolyn) when the Deity of Misery was able to hit her Hell's Bells wheelbarrow face buster on Jawsolyn.

2. Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger were disqualified when they used chloroform on Rockin’ Rebel with the help of Adam Anthrax. Former referee Dan Marx came to the rescue of his friend but was squashed in a corner by Kruger. Returning to ACW, Johnny K. Mondo then came to the rescue hitting everyone with a keyboard. A “Fans Bring the Weapons” featuring Rockin’ Rebel & Johnny K. Mondo w/ Dan against Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger and Adam Anthrax has been set for Sweet 17 on May 20th.

3. Brian Keisel surprised everyone when he pinned Judas Grey following a miscommunication between Gray and Jason Gotti. By winning this 3-way dance, Kiesel will now face Rob Noxious on May 20th for the ACW Twi-State Championship.

4. Angie Skye defeated newcomer Tess Valentine with the Hard Goodbye in a match where both ladies had the support of the crowd.

5. The dominant Tag Team Champions Jon Dahmer & “The Mad Butcher” Kanazawa were victorious over the Mighty Militia of Mike Mitchell and Johnny Moran.

6. Rogue Dark Phase Champion “The Child of the Damned” Sally retained against Delmi Exo with her her Fading Roses maneuver.

7. ACW Cruiserweight Champion Hayne remains undefeated in ladder matches after he was able to retrieve his championship from the ceiling of the Stevens Fire Hall. “The Rising Star” Rob Lloyd’s mom even got involved but might just have cost her son the championship.

8. Impact Wrestling Superstar Sienna was victorious over Stefany “The Striker” Sinclair. As Sinclair was trying to leave the fight, LuFisto came out to stop her. Stefany ran back to the ring where she was the victim of a stunner.

9. Rookie Breaux Keller shocked everyone in attendance when he became the new ACW Heavyweight Champion by defeating Robbie Illuminati, Louis G. Rich, Scotty Jeffreys, the returning Suicide Myers and Twisted Tate. After Keller super kicked Tate 3 times, he was knocked out by Jeffreys who was holding brass knuckles. Breaux fell on top of Tate as G. Rich pulled Scotty out of the ring and Illuminati and Myers were already fighting at ringside. A confused Breaux Keller celebrated his surprised victory who was short lived when Twisted Tate immediately challenged him to put his new title on the line on May 20th at Sweet 17.



ACW Nobody's Safe – Stevens, PA – March 4th 2017

1. In front of a standing room only crowd "Nobody's Safe" kicked off with a Last Survivor Match of Team Rebel vs. Team Fly. Team Rebel would go on to gain the victory in this match.

2. Pink Flash Kira pulled off what could be called an upset with her pin fall victory over "The Terradactyl" Terra Calaway following a Shinning Wizard.

3. ACW Cruiserweight Champion Hayne defeated Rob Lloyd with the use of some questionable tactics. Post-match, Rob Lloyd challenged Hayne to a Ladder Match for the ACW Cruiserweight Title at Time Bomb on April 8th.

4. Stefany Sinclair defeated LuFisto via count out. LuFisto attempted her Burning Hammer on Sinclair who was able to get outside the ring. The two fought at ringside until Stefany was able to send LuFisto’s head into a post before barely making it inside the ring for the 10 count.

5. ACW Tag Team Champions, Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa, who were prepared to defend their titles versus the debuting Mighty Militia, ended up having to defend against not only the Militia but the Old School of Scotty Jeffreys and Jason Gotti as well. Old School forced ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart's hand to add them to the match. Regardless of the match being turned into a Triple Threat Match, Dahmer and Zawa would retain their titles and continue their dominance over ACW Tag Team Division.

6. Jewells Malone defeated Rebecca Payne who was accompanied to the ring by Gilette by pin fall using the Crowned Jewells.

7. "The Lariat God" DJ Hyde was successful in his first ACW appearance by gaining the victory over Stockade in a match that went all over the ringside area.

8. The team of Twisted Tate and Oxx Hogg defeated the team of the extremely popular upstart Breaux Keller and the returning Jamie Senegal. Everyone witnessed some very interesting offense "go down" in this match.

9. Due to Angie Skye not being able to appear at "Nobody's Safe" to defend her Rogue Women Warriors Dark Phase Championship, she was stripped of the title and it was put up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match to determine a new champion. This match would see Sally gain the victory over Brittany Blake and Britt Baker to become the *NEW* ROGUE WOMEN WARRIORS DARK PHASE CHAMPION!

10. Due to ACW Heavyweight Champion Shatter and also his scheduled opponent CM Serenyi being unable to appear, an entirely new main event had to be put together. Three competitors, Laszlo Arpad, The Red Scorpion and Electrico, would face off to determine a new ACW Heavyweight Champion. These three men would have their opportunities spoiled when Oxx Hogg and Twisted Tate attacked all three men causing a no contest. Oxx Hogg demanded that he should have been given the title. This prompted ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart to come to ringside and give Oxx Hogg his title shot. This title opportunity will take place at April's "Time Bomb" show in a Fatal Four Way Match including Shatter, CM Serenyi and a mystery opponent.



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