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11/28/16 – ACW Fallout 2016 DVD is Now Available! Plus NEW ACW & Rogue T-Shirt!

Our September 10th 2016 show featuring ECW Legend the Sandman is now available on DVD in our store! See also ACW Heavyweight Champion Shatter defend his championship against Hayne, Eddie Valentine and Nate Hatred who makes a rare appearance! Rob Noxious puts his ACW Tri-State championship on the line against a mystery opponent and Rebel and Twisted Tate join forces against the new team of Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger!

As for our Rogue Women Warriors, see the Black Widow Eve taking on “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto and Angie Skye one-on-one with Thunder Kitty! Vanity returns to face the dynamic Ray Lyn!

Also in action: Solo Darling, Rob Lloyd, Jimmy Lyon, Johnny Vicious, Mary Lee Rose and more!!

ACW & Rogue T-Shirt!

Also available is our new Atomic Championship Wrestling & Rogue Women Warriors T-Shirt! It is available in all sizes, from Small to 5XL. Need another size? Just e-mail us at and we’ll find a way to give you what you need!

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11/23/16 – Two Qualification Matches for the Rogue Women Warriors Championship Announced!

It was announced that at “Sleazy Christmas” On December 10th, Rogue Women Warriors would crown its first champion.  This first champion will be determined between the four winners of the qualifying matches when they will fight in an Elimination 4-way match in the finals.

We announced last week that “The Deity of Misery” Azaelle would be taking on “The Angel of Death” Angie Skye as well as “The Crimson Queen” Rebecca Payne (with Gilette at her side, of course) would face “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto.

The two other qualification matches are now known!

Jewells Malone Vs Pink Flash Kira

Unable to attend ACW Pandemonium in October due to illness, Jewells Malone is now healthy and ready to take the Rogue Women warriors division by storm. Jewells Malone is a pretty girl of small stature but don't let her looks fool you. This woman loves chairs, tables, thumbtacks and barb wire, the reason why she was nicknamed the "Hardcore Princess".  How will Pink Flash Kira deal with such an opponent? With the confidence and powers of a Super Hero of course! Kira can also always count on the energy and love the crowd at the Stevens Fire Hall give her! It’s Hardcore Princess versus Super Hero for a spot in the 4-way Battle to determine the first ever Rogue Women Warriors Champion?

Nyla Rose Vs C-Bunny

C-Bunny will need more than her amazing dancing skills when she goes one-on-one with the powerful “Native Beast” Nyla Rose. Much stronger and bigger, Rose is definitely a huge challenge for the debuting Bunny. However, don’t sell the stylish Bunny short. Fast and creative, she could pull off a victory in this one. As for Nyla, she just returned from a successful tour in Japan and she is more than ready to apply the new aggressive style she acquired. Will “The Barbie Breaker” dispose of her opponent easily or will C-Bunny dance her way to the 4-way Battle Finals to determine the first ever Rogue Women Warriors Champion?

Now that you know every participant, who are you rooting for?

For more details about the event and get your tickets, visit our EVENTS AND TICKETS page.




11/17/16 – Rogue Women Warriors Welcomes C-Bunny, Rogue Championship and Matches Announced!

Under the tutelage of Pat Buck, Mario Bokara and Danny Maff, C-Bunny is a professional Hip-Hop dancer turned professional wrestler! Having wrestled for many promotions such as Wrestlepro, Warriors of Wrestling and Dynasty, she is looking to break through the scene with style.

Although she has a hearing disability, nothing has stopped this dynamic performer in connecting with different people and making a name for herself in dancing or professional wrestling. She recently successfully participated in the RISE - Developing Tomorrow's Women Athletes seminar and event in Chicago, IL and is now looking to seduce the Rogue Women Warriors fans in Stevens, PA!

Rogue Women Warriors Championship Tournament

At “Sleazy Christmas” On December 10th, Rogue Women Warriors will crown its first champion. With Rogue not having a regular roster, it’s all about who shows up. Since there is no ranking system, the champion will never know in advance or be prepared for her next challenge until her match will be announced by ACW and Rogue officials. It is the main reason why the women’s championship will be known as “Dark Phase”.  The Rogue Women Warrior Champion will have to be confident and stand for whatever challenge that will stand in front of her.
The first champion will be determined between the four winners of the qualifying matches when they will fight in an Elimination 4-way match in the second round.

First Matches Announced

- ACW Heavyweight Championship Match: Shatter © Vs CM Serenyi

- ACW Tag Team Championship Match: Dahmer & Kanazawa © Vs Old School (Jason Gotti & Scotty Jeffreys)

- ACW Tri-State Championship Match - The Final Battle: Rob Noxious Vs Malcolm King

- Fatal Four-Way Match for the ACW Cruiserweight Championship: Johnny Vicious © Vs Hayne Vs Brian Kiesel Vs Rob Lloyd

- Singles Match: Rockin' Rebel Vs Bobby Kruger

- Rogue Championship Qualification Match: Azaelle Vs Angie Skye

- Rogue Championship Qualification Match: Rebecca Payne w/ Gilette Vs LuFisto


For more details about the matches and get your tickets, visit our EVENTS AND TICKETS page.




11/07/16 – Pro Wrestling Seminar with Joey Ryan!

Atomic Championship Wrestling gives you the opportunity to learn from one of the best and most entertaining wrestler today!

Aside from recent viral videos of his now infamous penis flipping move and his wedding proposal, not only Joey is a YouPorn sponsored athlete, a Lucha Undeground cast member, a DDT Pro regular and a Pro Wrestling Guerilla Founder but he’s also one of the most entertaining persona you will ever see in a wrestling ring!

On December 10th, the King of Dong Joey Ryan is bringing Sleazy back to Atomic Championship Wrestling and before the show, Joey will share his knowledge to all attendees.

Trained wrestlers, male and female, are welcome to attend. Price is $50.00 (+$2.00 PayPal fees). Secure your place now by paying your fee right now via PayPal or by securing a spot via e-mail at




10/21/16 – BREAKING NEWS: Former TNA Tag Team Champion Jesse Neal Added to November Coming Fire!

Unfortunately last September, former TNA Tag Team Champion (Ink Inc. with Shannon Moore) Jesse Neal was unable to attend ACW Fallout because of traveling issues. However, the former member of the U.S. military is making it up to the fans by adding himself to our upcoming event November Coming Fire when he faces ACW Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Vicious!

Johnny Vicious has been on a roll since winning the ACW Cruiserweight Title beating everyone who he has been put in the ring with. But, that could all change at November Coming Fire in Stevens, PA when he faces former TNA Star, Jesse Neal. Will Vicious be able to handle a step up in competition or will Jesse Neal prove to be too much for the Cruiserweight Champ? This will be answered when these two go to battle on November 5th.

Also Added....

The Crimson Queen Rebecca Payne w/ Gilette is taking on "The Angel of Death" Angie Skye and Breaux Kelly gets a rematch against Twisted Tate!

Last month, Rebecca Payne and Gilette were unable to get a victory over the powerful Nyla Rose. Same goes for Angie Skye who suffered a loss to the Black Widow Eve when she rolled up Skye with a hand full of tights. Therefore, both competitors are looking to redeem themselves at November Coming Fire. We know all too well that Gilette will do anything to help Payne secure a pin fall as Angie might be looking for some support from the crowd. Still quite uncomfortable with the sudden burst of love she is getting from the Stevens crowd, the “Angel of Death” will surely have some additional support from the backstage area as her acolyte Annie Social will be looking on.

At Pandemonium, everyone witnessed the debut of Breaux Keller when he faced off with Twisted Tate. On this night, Twisted Tate proved to be too much for the young star. But what happened after the match is what has let questions to be answered. Because of his determination and his need for revenge, ACW officials are giving the already very popular Breaux Keller another shot against Twisted Tate at November Coming Fire.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets now!




10/18/16 – More Matches Announced for November Coming Fire!

Four new matches have been added to the November 5th event – November Coming Fire – taking place at the Stevens Fire Hall including two championship matches and a first ever encounter between two Rogue Women Warriors.

After a controversial disqualification at the last event, "The Human Cyborg" Oxx Hogg will be taking on one of the most hated men at Atomic Championship Wrestling in “The Historic” Judas Gray.

Kanazawa and Joh Dahmer defend their tag team titles against four teams when they take on "The Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon and Rockin' Rebel, Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger and the "Old School" of Scotty Jeffreys and Jason Gotti.

One of the brightest young Canadian female stars faces one of the most recognized and experienced talent on the independent wrestling scene as Kaitlin Diemond goes one-on-one with the “Wounded Owl” LuFisto.

Last but not least, Rob Noxious defends his Tri-State championship against one of the men that took part of the Gauntlet match at the last event in Joey Blaze.




10/13/16 – Rogue Women Warriors Welcomes Team SeaStars, Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo on November 5th!

Growing up in a family that loved to watch wrestling on TV, it was only natural for Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo to become pro wrestlers.

Based out of New England, they have wrestled in different companies on the East Coast such as Pioneer Valley Pro, Atlantic Pro, NECW’s World Women's Wrestling division and Chikara. Fighting out of Planet Exo, the “Galaxy DelmiGod" stands 5’7 and weighs 135 lbs as the "Poseidon's Siren" Ashley Vox is 5’3 and weighs two shooting stars (or 115 lbs) and comes to you by the Lost City of Atlantis.

Together, they form Team Sea Stars but one November 5th, they will fight their intergalactic battle in singles matches as Delmi will take on the powerful Azaelle and Ashley will face Rogue’s most hated woman, Annie Social.

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10/09/16 – CM Serenyi Spoils The Main Event at Pandemonium and Rogue Welcomes Kaitlin Diemond!

The main event of Pandemonium, which had Shatter defending the ACW Heavyweight Championship against, Hayne, would be thrown out due to the surprise interference of CM Serenyi who attacked both competitors.

Serenyi demanded that ACW Commissioner, Lee Sweigart, show up at ringside. After a verbal altercation between the two, the commissioner granted Serenyi his title shot on November 5th but it would also include Hayne and Shatter in a Triple Threat Match for Shatter's, ACW Heavyweight Championship.

Kaitlin Diemond

Reppin the 6IX, by way of Ribera Steakhouse in Tokyo Japan, Kaitlin Diemond is one of the brightest young Canadian female stars on the independent wrestling scene. Describing herself as a pro wrestler, Japanese recording artist, life coach, abusive borderline sociopath and casual alcoholic, the Brantford, Ontario, native says she owes a lot her passion for pro wrestling to her brother.

Fresh from a tour to Japan with Stardom, Diemond comes to Rogue with an international background and a few championships under her belt. At 5’8 and 148 lbs, we don’t know if the nicknamed “Roppongi Rockstar” will offer a memorable vocal performance to the fans at the Stevens Fire Hall but we definitely know for sure that she will offer a great wrestling performance on November 5th.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets now!

Joey Ryan at ACW in December!

Aside from recent viral videos of his now infamous penis flipping move and his wedding proposal, not only Joey is a YouPorn sponsored athlete, a Lucha Undeground cast member, a DDT Pro regular and a Pro Wrestling Guerilla Founder but he’s also one of the most entertaining persona you will ever see in a wrestling ring!

On December 10th, the King of Dong Joey Ryan is bringing Sleazy back to Atomic Championship Wrestling!

Tickets for this event will be on sale soon!





10/08/16 – A Few Last Minutes Changes to the Rogue Women Warriors Lineup

Unfortunately, we got word earlier this week that Pink Flash Kira suffered and wouldn’t be able to compete today at Pandemonium. Rogue Women Warriors wishes her a speedy recovery and will definitely bring everybody’s favorite super hero as soon as possible!

Also this morning, Jewells Malone cancelled her appearance today due to illness.

We at Rogue are very sorry for those last minute changes as it seems to be happening at every show for various reasons. With that being said, there will now be four matches including this new matchup:

Singles Match
Black Widow Eve Vs "The Angel of Death" Angie Skye

Although she lost her match against LuFisto last month, Eve showed everyone that she is a force to be reckoned with as she got many close falls on the veteran during the fight.

As for Skye, the fact that she has been using questionable tactics to win her matches and that she has been associated with the woman that has to be the most hated person on Rogue roster, Annie Social, it seems the Stevens, PA crowd is slowly starting to get behind Skye. Will Angie finally embrace the crowd’s love and use it to vanquish Eve or will the Black Widow bite into another prey.

CLICK HERE to see the updated card.

Thank you and see you tonight!

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