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05/11/17 - Three More Matches to Complete the Card of Sweet 17!

A team gets one last chance, Hayne defends against two opponents and Jason Gotti, Scotty Jeffreys and Judas Gray take on all challengers...

Kanazawa & Jon Dahmer (c) Vs Mighty Militia

First, it was Old School (Scotty Jeffreys & Jason Gotti) that destroyed their chance to become tag team champion and last month, it was the cleverness and use of illegal tactics of the current tag team champions that cost the gold to the Mighty Militia. This is now the last time the team of Mike Mitchell and Johnny Moran will be allowed to capture the coveted prize that has been successfully defended by “The Mad Butcher” Kanazawa and Jon Dahmer for over a year. Can the Mighty Militia finally stop Kanazawa and Dahmer or will they lose their last chance at the ACW Tag Team Championship?

Robbie Illuminati Vs Hayne (c) Vs Rob Lloyd

With last month’s controversial ending to the ladder match where Rob Lloyd’s mother was involved and cost her own son the ACW Cruiserweight Championship, the “Rising Star” was granted another chance by ACW Officials to get his hand on the title he lost at the end of current champion Hayne. This time however, he is not the only challenger as Robbie Illuminati joins the fight. Illuminati came out short of the 6-men ACW Heavyweight Championship at Time Bomb that would crown Breaux Keller as the new champion. Robbie wants gold at any cost and Lloyd wants to regain his title… Champion Hayne better be ready for two hungry contenders!

Old School (Jason Gotti & Scotty Jeffreys) & Judas Gray Vs ????????

There might have been some dissension between Jason Gotti and Judas Gray at Time Bomb last month but at Sweet 17, they will have to put their differences aside as they will team up together as well as with “Hot Shot” Scotty Jeffreys to take on a team that will be put together in the afternoon of the show. Former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz will handpick the best students attending her seminar to take on the big task of defeating Gotti, Jeffreys and Gray. You think students might not be experienced enough to take on those three? Think again… 



04/274/17 - The 3 other ROGUE Matches Announced!

Sally defends against a well-known opponent, a former champion faces a striker and a mermaid takes on a crimson queen...

"The Child of the Damned" Sally (c) Vs Pink Flash Kira

The strange and derange Rogue Dark Phase Champion Sally seems to have gain much confidence since putting her hands on the greatest prize at Rogue. She successfully defended against Delmi Exo at Time Bomb and is now ready to take on one of the most popular wrestler on the Rogue roster in Pink Flash Kira. Our favorite super hero Kira knows Sally all too well as they have fought many times before. Knowing Sally very well, Pink Flash Kira is definitely a threat to the championship. Will the Child of the Damned use one of her dark tricks to dispose of another opponent or will Kira become the new Rogue Dark Phase Champion?

"The Angel of Death" Angie Skye VS Stefany "The Striker" Sinclair

This have been heating up between Stefany Sinclair and LuFisto as the Wounded Owl is possible the reason that cost The Striker a victory against Impact Wrestling superstar Sienna at Time Bomb. Sinclair has a big challenge in former Rogue Dark Phase Champion Angie Skye. Skye was victorious in her last fight and still has the Rogue Championship in mind. A victory over Sinclair would definitely get some attention from ACW and Rogue officials could give a match against champion Sally (Or maybe would it is Kira then?). As for Sinclair, the cocky fighter from Saguenay, Quebec is looking for a fight and a victory at all cost.

"The Crimson Queen" Rebecca Payne Vs "The First Real Mermaid" Tess Valentine

The team of Rebecca Payne and Azaelle led by Gillette proved to be too much for Team Sea Stars at the last event. Now back into singles competition, Payne will take one newcomer Tess Valentine who made a great impression against Angie Skye despite losing the fight. Valentine seemed to be very upset, even refusing to shake Angie’s hand. Will she get back on track at Sweet 17 or will the Crimson Queen and her acolyte Gilette reign supreme?




04/09/17 - 4 Matches Anounced for Sweet 17 on May 20th Featuring Former WWE Women's Champion Jazz!!!!!!

Former WWE Women’s Champion and ECW Superstar Jazz is coming to town on May 20th! A new champion defends his championship against and old enemy, Brian Kiesel faces his biggest challenge and Fans Bring the Weapons!

Jazz Vs "The Wounded Owl" LuFisto

What we have here are two very experienced women who can fight in any kind of match. Both have been champion numerous times and are known to be extremely tough. Jazz and LuFisto have met before but it was years ago. Is the Stevens Fire Hall big enough for these two women? Who will come out victorious? You definitely need to witness this match live!

Breaux Keller (c) Vs Twisted Tate

Rookie Breaux Keller shocked everyone in attendance when he became the new ACW Heavyweight Champion by defeating Robbie Illuminati, Louis G. Rich, Scotty Jeffreys, the returning Suicide Myers and Twisted Tate. Since Keller fell on top of Twisted Tate after he was knocked out by Scotty Jeffrey’s brass knuckles, Twisted Tate was livid and immediately called the new champion “a fluke”.  Keller’s victory was short lived as Tate challenged him to put his new title on the line on May 20th at Sweet 17. Twisted Tate already beat Keller several times in the past. Can the rookie champion finally get his revenge, retain his championship and prove to everyone that he is a deserving champion?

Rob Noxious (c) Vs "The Party Animal" Brian Keisel

Brian Keisel surprised everyone when he pinned Judas Grey following a miscommunication between Gray and Jason Gotti. By winning this 3-way dance, Kiesel is now the number 1 contender to Rob Noxious’ ACW Twi-State Championship. Noxious has been a force to reckon with for month as no one has been able to beat him. Is this Keisel’s time to shine and win the ACW Tri-State Championship or will Noxious prevail once again?

Rockin' Rebel & Johnny K. Mondo w/ Dan Marx Vs Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger & Adam Anthrax

Not able to beat Rockin’ Rebel, Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger tried the good old chloroform trick with the help of Adam Anthrax but that only resulted in a disqualification as the referee saw everything. As they were beating down Rebel, former referee Dan Marx came to the rescue of his friend but was squashed in a corner by Kruger. Returning to ACW, Johnny K. Mondo then came to the rescue hitting everyone with a keyboard. Rockin’ Rebel joined in using a paddle and challenged Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger and Adam Anthrax to a “Fans Bring the Weapons” at Sweet 17 on May 20th.



03/27/17 - 4 Matches to Complete the Card for Time Bomb on April 8th!

The four last matches of our next event taking place on April 8th are now confirmed!

Due to injuries and various other issues Shatter, Oxx Hogg and CM Serenyi will not be able to compete for the ACW Heavyweight Championship as scheduled last month by ACW Commissioner Lee Sweigart. Therefore, he has made the decision to put together a 6-Man Scramble Match to crown a NEW ACW Heavyweight Champion. Those 6 Men are as follows, Old School's "Hotshot" Scotty Jeffreys, rookie sensation Breaux Keller, Twisted Tate who is the chosen replacement for Oxx Hogg, the self-professed, "Wrestler of the Millennium" Louis G. Rich, the returning Robbie Illuminati and a yet to be named mystery competitor. Also, this match will have no rules! Whatever it takes, there will be a *NEW* ACW Heavyweight Champion crowned on Saturday night, April 8th at Stevens Fire Hall in Stevens, PA when ACW/ROGUE present TIME BOMB!!!

Stefany Sinclair Vs Sienna

Everybody in attendance at the last show witnessed by we call Stefany Sinclair “The Striker” when she was able to get a victory via count out over LuFisto after a vicious fight at ringside. Sinclair is 2-0 when it comes to her matches at Rogue Women Warriors and she will be looking to remain undefeated when she takes on former TNA Knockout Champion Sienna on April 8th. At 5’ 10, this brawler from the city of Detroit, Sienna has definitely a height advantage but also when it comes to experience. Stefany might be a hard hitter but Sienna is also a trained MMA fighter so we can definitely expect a hard hitting match. Will Stefany pull off an upset victory to keep her perfect record or will the classy Sienna celebrate with her pinkies up?

"The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel Vs Old School's Jason Gotti Vs "The Historic" Judas Gray

ACW Commissioner, Lee Sweigart has made this match to determine a clear number one contender to face off with either Rob Noxious if he retains or Jimmy Lyon if he defeats Noxious on April 8th in Stevens. The Commissioner looked over the roster and felt that these three competitors deserved this opportunity. Love them or hate them Jason Gotti, Brian Kiesel, and Judas Gray have what it takes to be a champion wherever they may compete. When it is all said and done on April 8th one of these men will be competing for the Tri-State tchampionship come May when ACW/ ROGUE returns to the Stevens Fire Hall. 

Angie Skye Vs Tess Valentine

It’s with the sour taste in her mouth of the Rogue Dark Phase Championship that Angie Skye returns to Rogue Women Warriors at Time Bomb. Before she can get another shot at gold, she needs to refocus and get back on track so she can become be a legitimate threat to Sally. The task won’t be easy as she is taking on the athletic and powerful Tess Valentine. The young and upcoming sensation and the Angel of Death met once in the ring before in Angie’s favor but will this time be different? Will Valentine capitalise on Skye being upset for losing her championship or will Angie’s anger fuel her desire to become the Rogue champion once again?


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03/20/17 - 6 Matches announced for Time Bomb on April 8th!

Six matches are now confirmed for our next event taking place on April 8th and featuring Impact Wrestling Knockout Sienna!

First, "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd challenges Hayne in a Ladder match, a stipulation match that Hayne has never lost. Will Lloyd climb to the top and take back a championship that he once held himself in ACW? Also, new Rogue Dark Phase Champion Sally puts her title on the line against the returning Delmi Exo!

The Mighty Militia will finally have the opportunity to fight for the ACW Tag Team Championships taking on only Jon Dahmer and Kanazawa on April 8th at Time Bomb. Also in tag team action, the very popular team of Jawsolyn the friendly Shark and Ashley Vox will take on the vicious team of Rebecca Payne and Azaelle.

Rockin' Rebel is sure to have his hands full on Saturday night, April 8th, in Stevens when he faces off with not one but two opponents in Pretty Fly and Bobby Kruger. Last but not least, Old School Rules on April 8th when Rob Noxious defends his ACW Tri-State Championship against the returning Jimmy Lyon. It is well documented how badly Lyon has wanted a one-on-one match for one of ACW's championships. Well, now he has one!

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03/13/17 - Former TNA Knockout Champion Sienna is coming to town on April 8th! Plus Tess Valentine Joins Rogue!

Put your pinkies up because former TNA Knockout Champion Sienna is coming to town on April 8th! Standing 5’ 10, this brawler from the city of Detroit, Michigan was trained by Mathew Priest and Bill Martel and has traveled the world, performing in countries like China and Japan. Also known on the independent circuit as the AK47 Allysin Kay, she not only is a pro wrestler but also an MMA enthusiast.

Besides Impact Wrestling, Sienna is known for her work at Shine Wrestling, Shimmer Women Athletes, Absolute Intense Wrestling and Women Superstars Uncensored. Rogue Women Warriors is really proud to welcome this tremendous performer, one lady that is classy as f*%#!

Tess Valentine Joins Rogue!

Coming from Kissimmee, Florida, Tess Valentine is a young and upcoming sensation who mixes athleticism with power.  

hroughout her career, she has wrestled for many promotions such as Elite Pro Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Empire, Apex and more. Trained by Robbie Page, Jason Radatz and Jake Davis, she has already captured a few championships and had notable matches against stars like Mickie James, Amber O'Neal and Kacee Carlisle, even including a cage match!

Witness this lovely blond in action at Time Bomb on April 8th!





03/04/17 - BREAKING NEWS! Angie Skye Unable to Appear This Saturday – Stripped of the ROGUE Title.

Atomic Championship Wrestling and Rogue Women Warriors are sad to announce that newly crowned ROGUE Dark Phase champion Angie Skye won’t be able to appear this upcoming Saturday and therefore is stripped of the championship she won back in December at Sleazy Christmas.

Since its opening in 2000, Atomic Championship Wrestling has always enforced the rule of having defending champions, meaning that each championship must be defended during an ACW event. In case a champion fails to appear, for whatever reason, the title is automatically stripped and a new match is then set up to crown a new champion. Of course, the rule also applies to the ROGUE Women Warriors Championship.

Therefore, “The Angel of Death” Angie Skye has been officially stripped of the ROGUE Dark Phase Championship.

ACW and Rogue officials have then come to the conclusion that, since she was one of the finalists for the title in December, Sally’s match against Britt Baker is now a championship match. Also, since she was already schedule to be the challenger, Brittany Blake is now added to match.

At Nobody’s Safe on March 4th 2017, a new ROGUE Dark Phase Champion will be crown between Brittany Blake, Sally and Britt Baker!




02/17/17 – Sleazy Christmas 2016 featuring Joey Ryan is Now Available on DVD!

The DVD of our December 10th 2016 event featuring international superstar "The King of Dong Style" Joey Ryan is now available in our store!

CM Serenyi battles against ACW Heavyweight Champion Shatter as Hayne, Rob Lloyd, Chris Doyle and Brian Keisel face each other in a 4-way dance to determine who will be the new ACW Cruiserweight Champion. See Rob Noxious put his ACW Tri-State championship on the line against Malcolm King in a no disqualification match. The dominant force of Dhamer and Kanazawa defend their tag titles against the new combination of Jason Gotti and Scotty Jeffreys known as "Old School".

Last but not least, the ladies of Rogue Women Warriors fight in 4 qualification matches to make it to the finals that will determine the first ever Rogue Dark Phase Champion! In action: LuFisto, Jewells Malone, C-Bunny, Angie Skye, Nyla Rose, Azaelle, Sally and Rebecca Payne!

Also in action: Bobby Kruger, Jimmy Lyon, Rockin' Rebel, Pretty Fly, Twisted Tate, Judas Gray, Breaux Keller and of course, Joey Ryan!!

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02/13/17 – Three More Matches to Complete the Card of Nobody's Safe on March 4th!

Three more matches have been added to our March 4th event! The card is now complete!

Tag Team Match
"The Human Cyborg" Oxx Hogg & Twisted Tate Vs Breaux Keller & Jamie Senegal

The team of Breaux Keller and the returning Jamie Senegal will have their work cut out for them on Saturday Night, March 4th as they face the team of "The Human Cyborg" Oxx Hogg and Twisted Tate. This will definitely be a classic matchup of speed and athleticism versus size and strength. This should be entertaining bout for ACW's return to Stevens, PA at "Nobody’s Safe".

Singles Match
“The Terradactyl” Terra Calaway Vs Pink Flash Kira

Rogue’s favorite super hero Pink Flash Kira is back and she has one big challenge in front of her in none-other than the Terradactyl Terra Calaway! Calaway is also returning to action after a few months being out due to a neck injury. Can Kira capitalise on this weakness or will our powerful dino-girl take a bite into the smaller opponent and run away with the victory? It’s Dinosaur Vs Super Hero on March 4th at the Stevens Fire Hall!

Last Survivor Match
Team Rebel Vs Team Fly

ACW has scheduled "A Last Survivor Match" putting Team Rebel taking on Team Fly! The first team consists of Team Captain Rockin' Rebel, the ACW Tri-State Champion Rob Noxious, Stefon, "The Party Animal" Brian Kiesel and the debuting Michael Styles. Coming from Quebec City, Canada, Styles who is a former champion north of the border could prove to be the wild card or you could even say a secret weapon for his team since he's never been seen in ACW before. Team Rebel has a nice mix of veterans and youth which should make them a hard combination for anyone to stop. Their opponents in Team Fly include Team Captain Pretty Fly, Bobby Kruger, "The Jersey Giant" Adam Anthrax, "The Historic" Judas Gray and Mr. Pin. Expect these individuals to do whatever it takes to gain victory over Team Rebel even if that means venturing outside the rules to do so. This match is sure to be a crowd pleaser and may even turn out to be a straight up war once these two teams finally lockup!

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02/07/17 – Two More Matchs Announced for Nobody's Safe!

Another championship match plus what could be a very hard hitting match added to our March 4th event!

ACW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Hayne (c) vs. "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd

Hayne walked out of December's show the new ACW Cruiserweight Champion and also showed the crowd of Stevens his true colors when, instead of showing sportsmanship to the fallen opponent, he gave Rob Lloyd a Package Piledriver. Hayne has a long history in ACW and this is just another chapter that will begin on March 4th as he defends his title in Stevens, PA versus "The Rising Star" Rob Lloyd, also a former ACW Cruiserweight champion. In what should be a very good matchup, will Rob Lloyd be intimidated by Hayne’s latest actions against him or will he use the negative energy to his advantage so he can once again hold the ACW Cruiserweight championship?

Singles Match
“The Wounded Owl” LuFisto Vs Stefany” The Striker” Sinclair

They know each other very well and they have fought before. Although she left wrestling for a while, Stefany Sinclair has been working extremely hard since her return to pro wrestling and has already made a mark wherever she’s been. More dedicated than ever, the “Striker” is looking to get another victory at Rogue (her last match here being against Jenny Rose) over her former teacher LuFisto. The Wounded Owl has been squashing the competition all over the country and has also been very successful at Rogue despite not winning the Rogue Championship at the last event. These two women are definitely suitable contenders to Angie Skye’s title so you can expect a hard hitting fight between two of the most intense athletes today.

For more details about the matches and tickets, CLICK HERE!




02/02/17 – The First Matches for Nobody's Safe on March 4th 2017 Announced!

The first matches for our first event of 2017 are now knows! Championship matches, new faces and more!

First, a match that will definitely be hard hitting when "The Lariat" DJ Hyde takes on Stockade. The ACW Heavyweight Champion Shatter defends against CM Serenyi and the dominating team of Kanazawa and Jon Dahmer take on new comers Mighty Militia!

As for our Rogue Women Warriors, the newly crowned champion Angie Skye goes one-on-one with Brittany Blake, putting her new precious title on the line! The debuting Britt Baker takes on the scary Sally as Rebecca Payne and Gilette are getting ready to face the "Hardcore Princess" Jewells Malone!

For more details about the matches and tickets, CLICK HERE!




01/18/17 – Rogue Women Warriors Welcomes Brittany Blake and Britt Baker on March 4th!

Two new faces are going to be added to the Rogue Women Warriors roster at Nobody's Safe 2017 on March 4th as Brittany Blake and Briit Baker will be performing live in Stevens, PA!

Brittany Blake

At 5’2 and only 105 pounds, don’t let Brittany Blake’s small size fool you. Being a graduate of the Combat Zone Wrestling Dojo, she is as tough as they come as this punk beauty has proven to hold her own in the ring against both men and women.

The New Jersey native began her career in 2013 and has wrestled for various promotions such as Absolute Intense Wrestling and Women Superstars Uncensored. She has been traveling across the US and Canada making a name for herself and branching out ever since. She even made an appearance at Atomic Championship Wrestling back in December 2015 against the Terradactyl Terra Calaway.

When she is not kicking ass and taking names in the squared circle, Blake is an avid cosplayer and she loves video games!

Britt Baker

Although she’s only been wrestling since 2015, Britt Baker has been all over the place and has wrestled for many promotions such as Absolute Intense Wrestling, Empire State Wrestling, International Wrestling Cartel and Girl Fight. Baker has even been on WWE Monday Night RAW in a singles match won against Nia Jax!

Not only is she dynamic and talented in the ring but she is also one smart cookie as she is currently a dental student at University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. A fitness instructor, Britt Baker was trained by remarkable teachers such as Super Hentai, Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

Using the “Rainbaker” and “Baker Buster” as signature manoeuvers, this up and coming superstar will take you all the way to “Brittsburgh”!

Who each competitor will face will be known very soon as well as the rest of the card for our first event of the year.

Tickets are already on sale! Get yours now!




12/06/16 – The ACW Pandemonium 2016 DVD Featuring Angelina Love is Now Available!

The DVD of our October 8th 2016 event featuring former 6-time TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love as she faces “The Last Pure Athlete” Jordynne Grace is now available in our store!

Hayne finally gets another one-on-one battle against ACW Heavyweight Champion Shatter as Lucha Underground superstar Cortez Castro (Ricky Reyes) takes on the “Human Cyborg” Oxx Hogg in a must see match! See why Rob Noxious is the man as he puts his ACW Tri-State championship against on the line in a gauntlet match against several opponents. Rookie Breaux Keller makes his debut against “The King of the Underground” Twisted Tate and Johnny Vicious puts his ACW Cruiserweight Championship on the line against two challengers in “The Rising Superstar” Rob Lloyd and Canada’s Oliver Strange!

As for our Rogue Women Warriors, see the Black Widow Eve taking “The Angel of Death” Angie Skye and LuFisto and the “Child of the Damned” Sally going at it! Also the powerful Nyla Rose returns to face Rebecca Payne and her always mischievous manager Gilette.

Also in action: Jimmy Lyon, Rockin' Rebel, Judas Gray, the ACW Tag Team Champions Jon Dahmer and "The Mad Butcher" Kanazawa and more!

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11/29/16 – What is Joey Ryan's Plan, Two More Matches to ACW Sleazy Christmas Plus Kira is Out, Sally Steps Up!

Aside from recent viral videos of his now infamous penis flipping move and his wedding proposal, not only Joey is a YouPorn sponsored athlete, a Lucha Undeground cast member, a DDT Pro regular and a Pro Wrestling Guerilla Founder but he’s also one of the most entertaining persona you will ever see in a wrestling ring!

On December 10th, the King of Dong Joey Ryan is bringing Sleazy back to Atomic Championship Wrestling. However, it is still unknown as to what as Joey Ryan has in mind for the fans AND the wrestlers that will gather in the Stevens Fire Hall. You will have to be there live to know!

The Last Two Matches Announced...

If Breaux Loses, He Must Join the Underground of Tate
Breaux Keller Vs "The King of the Underground" Twisted Tate

Over the last few months, Twisted Tate has faced off with ACW's newest sensation, Breaux Keller. While Breaux has not had much luck in the win column versus Tate, he has asked for another shot at the self-professed "King of the Underground", going as far as asking for the following stipulation being added to this match: If Breaux Keller loses this match, he will join Twisted Tate's "Underground."

With this added motivation, Breaux Keller hopes to finally find what he needs to be victorious over Twisted Tate at Sleazy Christmas on Saturday Night, December 10th in Stevens, PA.

Singles Match
Pretty Fly w/ "The Jersey Giant" Adam Anthrax Vs" The Redneck King of the Jungle" Jimmy Lyon

While Jimmy Lyon's recent tag team partner Rockin' Rebel has his hands full with Bobby Kruger at Sleazy Christmas, "The Redneck King of the Jungle" will in turn face Kruger's recent partner in Pretty Fly who will be accompanied to the ring by his new bodyguard Adam Anthrax. So while on paper it may appear that Lyon should be able to run right through Pretty Fly, only time will tell if the Jersey Giant in Anthrax will get in the way of Lyon's form of "Southern Violence."


Kira Can’t Make it… “The Child of the Damned” Sally Seizes the Opportunity!

Unfortunately, Pink Flash Kira won’t be able to make it at Sleazy Christmas but one scary and weird lady is stepping up to the challenge of facing "the Hardcore Princess" Jewells Malone!

Rogue Championship Qualification Match
“The Child of the Damned” Sally Vs Jewells Malone

Unable to attend ACW Pandemonium in October due to illness, Jewells Malone is now healthy and ready to take the Rogue Women warriors division by storm. Jewells Malone is a pretty girl of small stature but don't let her looks fool you. This woman loves chairs, tables, thumbtacks and barb wire, the reason why she was nicknamed the "Hardcore Princess".  How will the “Child of the Damned” Sally deal with such an opponent?

Sally doesn’t seem to be scared of anything. The way she carries herself is quite creepy and quickly she can make an opponent quite uncomfortable. It’s Hardcore Princess versus Child of the Damned for a spot in the 4-way Battle to determine the first ever Rogue Women Warriors Champion?



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